Yoga For Grapplers [On Demand]

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Yoga For Grapplers [On Demand]
Format: Digitsu On Demand
Languages: English
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As grappling athletes, our training creates specific imbalances that must be fixed, otherwise, they create injury in the long term and degrade performance in the short term. This program is designed to help you correct these imbalances, heal old injuries, recover faster from training and add years to your career the mat.
Yoga for Grapplers includes dozens of exercises and sequences for every part of the body. There is particular focus on the neck, upper torso (shoulders, chest and upper back) and hips, as these are the tightest and most injury-prone areas for grapplers.

“I’ve never been naturally flexible, and for years my body was incredibly tight and constricted. Training, jiu-jitsu and lifting weights for hours a day was no help. At a certain point I had to recognize that if I continued the way I was going, I wouldn’t be able to do jiu-jitsu for much longer.
I cut down on strength training and immersed myself in yoga. Yoga has helped me more than anything to heal old injuries, improve how my body moves and feels, and increase my longevity as a grappling athlete."- Nic Gregoriades

In this program Nic guides you through yoga and movement sequences designed to add fluidity to your jiu-jitsu game, heal specific grappling-related injuries and help you move better every day for the rest of your life.


  • Totalling over 2.5+ hours of warm ups, stretches, mobility sequences & strengthening movements
  • Exclusive content only available in this program
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Perfect for those new to yoga
  • High quality audio and video

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