Wrist Locks for the Win by Tom McMahon [On Demand]

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Wrist Locks for the Win by Tom McMahon [On Demand]
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Languages: English
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Tom McMahon is a Multi-Time BJJ World Champion. One of Tom's most successful tools of the trade is one of BJJ's most basic, yet underutilized techniques; THE WRISTLOCK. Here, Tom will teach you the techniques he uses most often. BUT, It doesn't stop there.

In this video, you will learn the CONCEPT and the HOW TO of a proper Wristlock. You'll discover the best grips, twists, and finishes from many of the positions you already know. After gaining an understanding of the power of Wristlocks, you'll be leaving your training partners and opponents shaking their heads (and WRISTS) in disbelief.

Technique Listing:

  1. Intro to wrist lock seminar
  2. Standing lapel grab 1
  3. Standing lapel grab 2
  4. Standing lapel grab 3
  5. Wristlock from guard 1
  6. Wristlock from guard 2
  7. Wristlock from guard 3
  8. Wristlock from guard 4
  9. Wristlock from guard 5
  10. Rolling outside wristlock
  11. Rolling inside wristlock
  12. Halfguard lock and pass
  13. Halfguard lock
  14. Wristlock from side control
  15. Wristlock from americana
  16. Hip push wristlock
  17. Wristlock from rear mount
  18. Basic defense

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