Vagner Rocha : Float Passing System [On Demand]

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Vagner Rocha : Float Passing System [On Demand]
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Start Passing Everyone's Guard With These Little Known “Float Passing Systems” Developed by Vagner Rocha To Stay Safe From Leg Lockers And Sweeps While Passing!

When you can control your opponent no matter how big or strong they are, it leaves them stunned and confused. Vagner Rocha's Float Passing System opens up a menu of passing options against skilled leg lockers while staying perfectly safe. No one is used to defending this "Float" position, so even experienced black belts get frustrated and end up getting tired... This is a sure fire way to pass more experienced grapplers guards and leave people scratching their heads... and the only limit is your imagination once you have access to this powerful system of passing.

"Hi, my name is Vagner Rocha and I am a 3 time Abu Dhabi Trials Champion, ADCC Bronze Medalist, Multiple time EBI Finalist, Combat Jiu Jitsu Champion, and UFC Veteran.

I started training in Jiu Jitsu 20 years ago under Jorge and Pablo Popovitch. Over the last 3 years I have been staying super busy on the competition scene facing some of the best grapplers in the world...

What I noticed is some of the best guys out there were winning with leg locks!

Then everyone started learning leg locks!

I remember trying to pass and always getting myself trapped in leg entanglements! I’ve always had pretty good leg lock defense, but what I noticed is that I was wasting time and energy getting out!

I had to develop a position that I could use to get my entire passing game off while staying safe from the most popular leg locks and sweeps.

Just around that time I was starting to develop this in 2016 I was scheduled to do a super fight with Gordon Ryan.

I worked the Float Position over and over against him and was able to stay out of all of his leg lock attempts for 20 minutes and I even passed his guard 3 times.

It was a "submission only" match so it went to a draw...but I knew I had to keep developing the system even more...

Tournament after tournament, match after match, I developed the system even more and integrated it with my stand-up passes and knee cut passes!

I have now perfected the system over the past 3-4 years and am ready to share it with the world!!"

Techniques Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Introduction to Float Passing
  3. Knee Cut Philosophy And Positioning
  4. Fundamental Knee Slice
  5. Short Tight Knee Cut
  6. Neck Hug Knee Cut
  7. Knee Cut Back Step
  8. Knee Cut To Deep Half Killer
  9. Knee Cut To Leg Drag
  10. Knee Cut To Leg Lock Bait Pass
  11. Knee Shield Crunch To Lock Down Pass
  12. Knee Cut Gift Wrap Pass
  13. Knee Cut Dante Leon Pass
  14. Knee Cut To Back Step 2
  15. Knee Cut To Kimura Roll Pass
  16. Float Pass Philosophy And Entry
  17. Float Position To Smash Pass
  18. Float Pass Position To Reverse Knee Slice
  19. Float Position To Double Knee Slice
  20. Float Position To Hook Kill Pass
  21. Float Position To Lock Down Pass
  22. Float Position To Smash Pass To Moun
  23. Float Position To Back Step To Mount (Canuto)
  24. Float Position To Hip Switch Dive Pass
  25. Float Position To Guillotine Pass
  26. Stand Up Passing Philosophy
  27. Stand Up Entry And Knee Push Pass
  28. Stand Up Step And Throw By Pass
  29. Stand Up Sneaky Step Through Pass
  30. Standing Bait Ankle Pin Pass
  31. Standing XGuard Bait Pass 1
  32. Standing X-Guard Bait Pass 2
  33. Standing "Vagner" Over Under Pass
  34. Standing "Vagner" Double Under (Flexible Guy)
  35. Standing "Vagner" Over Under (Using Wrench)
  36. Standing "Vagner" Knee Through Hook Back Step
  37. Float Passing Final Thoughts Conclusion
  38. BONUS 1. Butter Fly Killers 1
  39. BONUS 2. Butter Fly Killers 2
  40. BONUS 3. Butter Fly Killers 3
  41. BONUS 4. Butter Fly Killers 4
  42. BONUS 5. Half Guard Killer 1
  43. BONUS 6. Half Guard Killer 2
  44. BONUS 7. Half Guard Head And Under Hook Pass
  45. BONUS 8. Half Guard To Kimura

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