Vagner Rocha - 5050 Of The Arms [On Demand]

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Vagner Rocha - 5050 Of The Arms [On Demand]
Format: Digitsu On Demand
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Start slaughtering the competition with this little known "Kimura funnel system" developed to confuse and defeat world champion jiu-jitsu fighters at their own game.

Vagner Rocha's 50/50 of the arms system gives you powerful weapons that allow you to control tough opponents and catch more submissions. When you can control your opponent no matter how big or strong they are, it leaves them stunned and confused.

Vagner Rocha's 50/50 of the Arms Kimura Funnel System opens up a menu of options against bigger more skilled opponents that you cannot find anywhere else. No one is used to defending this, so even experienced black belts make "rookie" mistakes... This is a sure fire way to get a stronger position and or a submission and leave people scratching their heads... and the only limit is your imagination once you have access to this powerful system of techniques!


Technique List

  1. Introduction
  2. 50/50 Of The Arms | Arm Trapped To Body Details
  3. Opponent Turns In | Turn In - Back Take
  4. Opponent Turns In | Vagner Arm Bar
  5. Opponent Turns In | Vagner Back Triangle
  6. Opponent Turns In | Americana Arm Bar From Back
  7. Opponent Turns In | Cyborg Finish From Back Triangle
  8. Opponent Turns Away | Step Belly Leg Over To Modified Mount To Vagner Arm Bar
  9. Opponent Turns Away | Modified Mount To Back Or Body Triangle
  10. Opponent Turns Away | Rolling Triangle
  11. Opponent Turns Away | Scissor Choke
  12. Opponent Turns Away | Finish Traditional Kimura - Power Kimura
  13. Opponent Turns Away | Kimura To Sneaky Triangle
  14. Opponent Turns Away And Gets To Turtle | Kimura Grip Top Turtle Fundamentals
  15. Opponent Turns Away And Gets To Turtle | Step And Sit Back Take
  16. Opponent Turns Away And Gets To Turtle | Crucifix To Choke
  17. Opponent Turns Away And Gets To Turtle | Crucifix Leg Arm Locks
  18. Opponent Turns Away And Gets To Turtle | Crucifix To Cop Move
  19. Beats You To Turtle | Belly Down Arm Bar
  20. Beats You To Turtle | Kimura
  21. Beats You To Turtle | Back Triangle
  22. Beats You To Turtle | Roll Over Back Take/Crucifix
  23. They Do Nothing | Modified Power Kimura Blast
  24. They Do Nothing | Force Him To Turn Away Or Into You (Back To System)
  25. Closed Guard | Elbow Hip Shrimp Kimura
  26. Closed Guard | Leg Throw Over Shoulder In Triangle Position
  27. Closed Guard | Defense If They Put Head In Hole To Defend Kimura - Cop Grip To Sweep
  28. Closed Guard | Cop Grip To Back Take To Choke
  29. Closed Guard | Cop Grip To Arm Bar And Triangle
  30. Half Guard Bottom | Knee Shield Kimura With Belly Down Grip Break To Finish
  31. Half Guard Bottom | Knee Shield To Break Grip To Finish
  32. Half Guard Bottom | Kimura Grip To Sweep (Rolling If He Grabs Thigh)
  33. Half Guard Bottom | Back Take, Triangle, Arm Bar
  34. Half Guard Bottom | Kimura Roll If They Try To Pass Or Move
  35. Half Guard Top | Kimura From Knee Shield
  36. Half Guard Top | Kimura From Sit Up Half Guard (Bottom Arm)
  37. Half Guard Top | Power Kimura Finish (Legs Locked)
  38. Half Guard Top | Cop Move Finish
  39. Half Guard Top | Kimura From Half Guard Single Leg
  40. Half Guard Top | Kimura Counter (Elbow In Hole)
  41. Half Guard Top | Deep Half Guard Counter Kimura
  42. Half Guard Top | X Guard Defense To Kimura
  43. Back Position | Kimura Control Details With Vagner Arm Bar
  44. Back Position | Vagner Arm Bar To Triangle
  45. Back Position | Basic Arm Bar / Triangle From The Back Kimura Grip
  46. Back Position | Push Back In Go To 1 Arm Rnc
  47. Conclusion
  48. Bonus: Balance Drill
  49. Bonus: Kimura From The Single Leg
  50. Bonus: Front Roll Drill From Butterfly
  51. Bonus: Vagner Rocha Rolling
  52. Bonus: Vagner Rocha Analysis

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