Underhook Half Guard - Josh Vogel [On Demand]

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Underhook Half Guard - Josh Vogel [On Demand]
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Transform your half guard game with the fundamental and criminally underestimated underhook half guard. Learn to break out of crushing pass attempts to sweep, submit, or recover guard.

Techniques List:

  1. Why Half Guard
  2. Building the Scaffolding of a Game
  3. Weight Bearing Drill
  4. Defensive Arm Positioning
  5. Freddie Mercury Underhook
  6. Hand to the Back
  7. Back Take
  8. Recover Closed Guard
  9. Old School Sweep
  10. Head Positioning Troubleshooting
  11. Knee Pinch Lift
  12. The Weasel Hand
  13. Knee Push
  14. Drill: Fight to Your Side
  15. Drill: Freddie vs. Michael
  16. Drill: Crossface Pummeling
  17. Whizzer Block to Back Take
  18. Whizzer Block to Buddy Grip Sweep
  19. Buddy Grip to Back Take
  20. Old School Sweep
  21. Old School Twist Back
  22. Leite Hip Twist
  23. Cut Pass Counter (Leg Up)
  24. Cut Pass Counter (Leg Down)
  25. Butt Bump Threat to Sweep
  26. Power Mercury Escape
  27. Dog on Fire Hydrant
  28. Backstep to Elevator
  29. Go Slow Rationale
  30. Upper Body Reset
  31. The Power of the Lockdown
  32. Lockdown to Relieve Pressure
  33. Tonon Chop
  34. Hip-Sit Counter
  35. Drill: Lockdown Off-Balancing
  36. Lockdown to Old School
  37. Electric Chair Sweep
  38. The Dog-Bar
  39. Leite Knee Twist
  40. Inserting the Butterfly Hook
  41. Drew’s Butterfly to Closed Guard
  42. Elevator Sweep
  43. Underhook to Seated Butterfly
  44. Classic Elevator Sweep
  45. Butterfly to X-Guard
  46. Telephone Armlock
  47. Gable Grip Elevator Sweep
  48. Telephone Armlock
  49. Chasing Top Arm Triangle
  50. Chasing Top Underhook
  51. Chasing Top Crossface
  52. Crossface Details
  53. Old School to Back Step

Average rating: (5 out of 5)

5 of 5 Stars! by MackS on 05/24/2020
This instructional is a gem. Addresses common problems and breaks down the fine details. A must-have for any half-guard player.
5 of 5 Stars! by jlazaro on 12/06/2019
Josh Vogel comes across as a guy everybody wants to hang out with. Although he had me chuckling throughout the video, Josh stayed on course and presented the material in a very informative & easy to digest manner. I've watched just about every half guard instructional on the market, yet I still picked up new details from this set. Great stuff.