The Submission Hunter by Jeremy Henderson [On Demand]

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The Submission Hunter by Jeremy Henderson [On Demand]
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The "Submission Hunter" Series - Discover High Level Submission Details So That You Can Finish Your Opponents Fast (even if you’re a beginner)

In this detailed Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu video series you will learn the finer details of forcing your opponents and training partners into your "submission traps" … You will become a "Submission Hunter".

BJJ Black Belt Jeremy Henderson breaks down his favorite submissions with little known details that will make your submissions much more effective.

After studying this series you will add the following weapons to your Jiu-Jitsu arsenal:

Techniques Included:

  1. The "Steam Roller Kimura"
  2. The Inverted Triangle Off Failed Kimura
  3. The Fly Trap Triangle
  4. The Flower Armbar
  5. The "Switch Hitter" Choke
  6. Near Side Armbar
  7. The "Side Control Strangler"
  8. X-Guard Sweep to Robson Choke
  9. Reverse Ezekial From X-Pass
  10. The "Zombie" Calf Slicer
  11. Calf Slicer From Bottom
  12. 50/50 Armbar
  13. Knee on Belly Triangle Choke
  14. Calf Slicer From Double Unders Pass
  15. Bicep Slicer From Lasso Guard
  16. Robinho Cross Guard Armbar #1
  17. Robinho Cross Guard Armbar #2
  18. The Closed Guard Brabo Choke
  19. Armbar from Single Leg Escape
  20. Submission Flow Drill
  21. Perfect Armbar Drill
  22. Omoplata Hip Motion Drill

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5 of 5 Stars! by anonymous on 12/05/2021
Good video gets to the point and gives enough detail to work on your own.