The Sit-Up Escape System - Jeff Rockwell [On Demand]

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The Sit-Up Escape System - Jeff Rockwell [On Demand]
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Revolutionize your escapes and supercharge your guard recovery! In this cloud instructional, you’ll learn every detail of Jeff Rockwell’s sit-up escape system

Escaping is about more than shrimping! Jeff Rockwell’s sit-up escape is a unique jiu-jitsu tool that will broaden your horizons and change the way you think about jiu-jitsu. In this multimedia rich, in-depth cloud instructional, he breaks down this high-level escape system in great detail. He teaches you the basics of using the sit-up escape to defeat side control, north/south, knee on belly, and even positions like mount and back control. From there, Jeff connects his escapes to powerful sweeping positions like one leg x-guard and butterfly guard to create a well-rounded blueprint that plugs into your game.

Techniques Included:

  1. The Sit-Up Escape
  2. Leg Swing and Shoulder Bridge
  3. Shoulder Frame
  4. Biceps Punch
  5. Guard Recovery
  6. Elbow Push to Guard
  7. Failed Elbow Push to Biceps Push
  8. Bottom Hook Guard Recovery
  9. Top Hook Guard Recovery
  10. Running Legs Guard Recovery
  11. Granby Roll Recovery
  12. Countering the Stack
  13. Meerkat from Failed Elbow Push
  14. Meerkat Hip Bump to Side Control
  15. Meerkat Hurdler Split to Crucifix
  16. Meerkat Back Roll
  17. Meerkat Waki-Gatame
  18. Back Mount (No Seatbelt)
  19. Back Mount (with Seatbelt)
  20. Countering Mount from the Back
  21. Classic Frame
  22. Collar Tie
  23. Reverse Collar Tie
  24. Elbow Push
  25. Cross Biceps Push
  26. Reverse Frame
  27. The Halo Two-on-One
  28. Meerkat
  29. Ryan Hall Back Grip
  30. Thoughts on Frames
  31. Classic Bridge
  32. Shot Put
  33. Wishbone
  34. Head Clamp
  35. Hip Snake
  36. Foot Wipe
  37. Paint Shaker Hips
  38. Sideways Shrimp
  39. Shoulder Down Shrimp
  40. Reverse Frame from Elbow Push
  41. Countering the Mount
  42. Reverse Collar Tie
  43. Guillotine from Reverse Collar Tie
  44. Omoplata from Reverse Collar Tie
  45. Crucifix from Reverse Collar Tie
  46. Ryan Hall Back Grab
  47. Judo Throw from Back Grab
  48. Leg Shelf from Back Grab
  49. Shoulder Push Against Kesa
  50. Shrimp Against Heavy Kesa
  51. Cross Biceps Push Against Kesa
  52. Schreiner Undercut Against Kesa
  53. Cross Knee Push Against Kesa
  54. Countering Terere Side Control
  55. Hip Push Against Knee on Belly
  56. Shoulder Push Against K.O.B.
  57. Reverse Frame Against Mount
  58. Reverse Frame Against Mount
  59. Leg Swing Mount Escape
  60. Elbow Push Against North-South
  61. Elbow Push Against North-South 2
  62. Meerkat Against North South
  63. Failed Triangle
  64. Failed Armlock
  65. Cross Knee Pass
  66. Bullfighter
  67. Over-Under Pass
  68. Step Pass
  69. Step Pass with Strong Grip
  70. Folding Pass
  71. Leg Drag
  72. Turning Half Guard Pass
  73. Leg Swing Drill
  74. Butterfly Sweep Drill
  75. One Leg X-Guard Sweep Drill
  76. Thank you

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