The Leite Guard Seminar by James Clingerman [On Demand]

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The Leite Guard Seminar by James Clingerman [On Demand]
Format: Digitsu On Demand
Languages: English
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MOST PEOPLE (even good BJJ Black Belts) DON'T KNOW this style of guard! You will learn how to get the perfect "bite" and integrate it into techniques you already know and use. After starting with a couple basic entries, you'll learn the "Holy Trinity" of Half-Guard Sweeps and how to use them from Leite Guard.

This seminar explores several different ways to get to the Leite Guard, including how to get there from bad positions.

Going beyond just the basics and the Leite Hook, James teaches the "Floss" and how to sweep and submit your opponents, no matter how they try to defend to position. One of the beautiful things about the Leite Guard is how easily it integrates into Deep Half and Reverse De la Riva Guards and so many more!

Check out this very easy to follow tutorial on one of BJJ's least used methods of Guard Half.

Techniques Included:

  1. Leite Guard Entries
  2. Half-Guard Trinity
  3. Hip Sit & Hook Sweep
  4. Intro To Floss & Kneebar Bonus
  5. Back step defense
  6. Escape Side Control
  7. Knee Grab & Kimura Sweeps
  8. Bonus- Intro to RDLR
  9. RDLR to Back or X-Guard

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5 of 5 Stars! by sammo1889 on 06/26/2016
Simple but so effective, a refreshing change from all inverted stuff online at the minute. Really working great for me