The Crucifix Building Blocks by Dave Jacobs [On Demand]

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The Crucifix Building Blocks by Dave Jacobs [On Demand]
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The ultimate immobilization strategy starts with a great Crucifix game. In this instructional world renowned instructor and OG American Black Belt Dave Jacobs walks you through the finer points of his systematic approach to the Crucifix position. Beginners will be able build a solid foundation and advanced players will definitely pick up some awesome insight on this dominate position. Don't miss out!

Techniques Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Crucifix Entrances
  3. Deep Half Guard Entrance
  4. Butterfly Guard Entrance
  5. Knee Cut Entrance
  6. Single Leg
  7. Mobility Drill
  8. Maintaining Control
  9. Regaining Control
  10. Escape Prevention
  11. Rolling Opponent
  12. Rolling Opponent 2
  13. Arm Lock
  14. Arm Lock Fine Tuning
  15. Shoulder Lock
  16. Clock Choke
  17. Collar Choke
  18. Arm Lock 2
  19. Kimura Trap
  20. Wristlock
  21. Judo triangle

Average rating: (4.53 out of 5)

5 of 5 Stars! by anonymous on 08/02/2016
I have a new favorite instructional. After two decades on the mat, I thought I had seen all of the entries and details to the crucifix position. But after watching David's instructional I realized that I had only scratched the surface. Dave accomplishes two things very well with this instructional: 1) he is able to isolate the real details--the stuff that works--from the fluff. What this means is that he distills the information down to exactly what you need to know to make the technique work against a knowledgeable, resisting opponent. These aren't circus techniques, meant to impress at a seminar. This is the competition-tested stuff you can rely on. 2) he approaches the position in a holistic way--meaning that he doesn't just show you the entry and the submission, but also shows you how to maintain the position when your opponent is trying to escape and how to regain the position if your opponent manages to escape. He also includes drills for practicing your control from the crucifix. The sign of a useful instructional is its ability to provide you with material you can take to the mat and use right away. Thanks to the clarity with which he teaches and the planning that went into deciding what he was going to teach, David's instructional does exactly that.
5 of 5 Stars! by goatfury on 07/12/2016
I just had a chance to watch Dave's Crucifix DVD series. It's terrific! I like that there are multiple camera angles with each technique, but there's no waiting around for the information as there often is with instructional material. The average technique is maybe a minute and a half long, which I find ideal for this type of learning. There's no droning on and on about a move - if I'm confused about details, I'll just go back and rewatch (or just ask Dave). On a personal note, this stuff fits in really well with my personal style (I absolutely adore the Kimrua grip), and I've had the opportunity to train with Dave numerous times in person. Can't recommend this set hightly enough!
5 of 5 Stars! by kiritf on 07/12/2016
David does an excellent job of explaining and demonstrating a position that I'd say is a weaker point with some practitioners. AAA+. I'm a heavier (yet lean) guy and it has come in extremely handy in rounding out my game. I have to laugh at the negative review to begin this. Why would someone who knows so much about the position and so much "detail", have the necessity to buy a crucifix series that says "Building Blocks"? Please disregard.
1 of 5 Stars! by scott051304 on 07/01/2016
I'm sorry but please do not waste your money on this like I did. I actually undownloaded this from my Digitsu on demand app. Yes, it's straight-forward and to the point. However, his explanations are lacking the important details to make these techniques truley effective. I wish he would have dedicated more time to this project and given the viewers a better breakdown of the techniques. I'm sure Mr. David Jacobs is an exceptional instructor and coach. Unfortunately, he does not come across as such in this instructional. Digitsu has some of the best and unique instructionals. This one isn't one of them.
5 of 5 Stars! by on 05/04/2016
My favorite anecdotal endorsement for this material. I was training with a black belt, unaffiliated with our academy, and had partially set up the crucifix from side turtle. I heard him chuckle because he knew there wasn't any way I was going to roll him to complete the traditional entry. Well... he hadn't been to the Rock Crucifix seminar. I used a less traditional entry Dave had shown us to complete the entry. Watching him spaz out as I started to set the RNC was worth the price of entry. I didn't get the sub but that's another story. I have viewed the instructional and it is excellent. Just the quality of instruction I would expect from Dave and typical good Digitsu production quality at a ridiculously good price. Highly recommended!
5 of 5 Stars! by anonymous on 05/04/2016
I’ve had the pleasure of learning from Dave Jacobs on many occasions and know he’s a great instructor. His technique breakdowns are always straightforward and easy to understand but contain all of the essential details to make the positions work. I was very excited to get the opportunity to preview his new Crucifix Building Blocks video series being released by Digitsu this week. In just 30 minutes, Dave packs in an incredible amount of information about the crucifix starting with a variety of entries, dealing with defensive reactions from an opponent, and a half dozen or more ways to finish an opponent from it. This series is taught in typical Dave fashion – direct and no-nonsense. Dave isn’t full of fluff and doesn’t seem to have an obsession with hearing himself speak like so many other instructors. This allows you to watch the entire video sequence in a single sitting if you want, and you can implement it in practice tonight. For less than $20, this is an amazing deal that will be valuable for anyone, from white belt to black belt, looking to add this powerful position to their game. It is especially useful for those who like back attacks as it provides another set of options when your opponent is defending the hook well. Digitsu complements the techniques nicely with a similar, practical style video footage. And the combination of their online library and mobile app make accessing this series and your other Digitsu content simple. Happy crucifixing!