Tarsis Humphreys - Lasso Game Plan Prequel [On Demand]

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Tarsis Humphreys - Lasso Game Plan Prequel [On Demand]
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World Champion and Fabio Gurgel protégé, Tarsis Humphreys is one of the best competitors to come out of the famed Alliance HQ in Sao Paulo Brazil. In this mini-instructional, Tarsis walks you through the basic element of his Lasso Guard Game Plan. These lessons are perfect for beginners because the moves are simple and efficient. Advanced players will pick up a lot on key details and a ton of useful tricks to secure and improve their submissions.

Techniques Included:

  1. Lasso Guard Key Points
  2. Basic Sweep
  3. Basic Sweep to Bicep Lock
  4. Basic Sweep to Arm Lock
  5. Bicep Slicer
  6. Omoplata
  7. Omoplata to Shoulder Lock
  8. Monoplata
  9. Triangle And Shoulder Locks
  10. Rolling Armbar

Average rating: (4.15 out of 5)

5 of 5 Stars! by Rpereira on 06/06/2017
One of the best and most detailed, instructional sets that i've seen so far