Tarsis Humphreys - Lasso Complete Game Plan DVD

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Tarsis Humphreys - Lasso Complete Game Plan DVD
Format: DVD NTSC
Languages: English
Region: All region DVD
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Level Up Your Lasso!

Now that you know the basics, let's get tricky! World Champion Tarsis Humphreys continues his mission to teach his unique variation on the lasso guard. In "Lasso Guard: The Complete Game Plan" Tarsis helps you build yet another layer to your basic lasso guard strategy. Tarsis has secured multiple titles including the World Pro absolute championship title using these dynamic sweeps, set-ups and submissions. These techniques are perfect for intermediate open guard players looking to level up!

Techniques Included:

  1. Shoulder Drag Sweep
  2. Deep X - Should Roll
  3. Deep X - Tomoe Nage
  4. Deep X - Tomoe Nage - Back Step Pass
  5. Deep X - Tomoe Nage - Stack Pass
  6. Deep X - Calf Slicer
  7. Deep X - Back Take
  8. Deep X - Back Take 2
  9. Deep X - Back Take 2 - Calf Slicer
  10. Deep X - Back Take 3
  11. Turtle - Roll Through Sweep
  12. Turtle - Leg Drag
  13. Turtle - Roll Through Knee Bar
  14. Lasso De La Riva Sit Up Sweep
  15. Lasso De La Riva Side Sweep To Arm Bar
  16. Lasso De La Riva Side Sweep To Mount
  17. Lasso De La Riva Tilt Sweep To Knee Cut
  18. Lasso De La Riva Kimura Sweep To Arm Bar
  19. Vs. Standing Opponent
  20. Knock Over Sweep - Foot Lock
  21. Spinning Overhead Sweep

Average rating: (5 out of 5)

5 of 5 Stars! by blueskim on 12/21/2019
i stopped using lasso because i only knew 2-3 moves. this dvd is a game changer for me ; deep X, de la riva lasso... mind blown.
5 of 5 Stars! by carloszapata on 06/30/2017
Very good, buenas tecnicas de parte de un campeon ccccccccccc