Submit The Stigma Charity Seminar [On Demand]

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Submit The Stigma Charity Seminar [On Demand]
Format: Digitsu On Demand
Languages: English
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The #submitthestigma campaign seeks to promote mental health, prioritize mental well-being as we do our physical health and educate about mental illness. Because training jiu-jitsu offers therapeutic benefits in the form of exercise, social support, and short-term and long-term goals, #submitthestigma and the jiu-jitsu community can work together to eliminate negative ideas of mental illness.

Proceeds from the sale of this On-Demand product will go to through #submitthestigma.

Filmed at Studio 540 on March 21, 2016

Technique Listing:
  • Gianni Grippo - Leg Drag
  • Kristina Barlaan - Spider Guard
  • Abraham Marte - Inverted Guard
  • Abraham Marte - Modified X-Guard
  • Clark Gracie - Lasso Riva Sweep
  • Romulo Barral - Knee Cut
  • Caio Terra - Wrist Lock

Bonus Interviews Courtesy of LEaO OPTiCS

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