Smashing The Half Guard by Gustavo Gasperin [On Demand]

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Smashing The Half Guard by Gustavo Gasperin [On Demand]
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Do you find it hard to pass the Knee Shield Half-Guard? How about Deep Half-Guard and Lockdown? The Half-Guard game has evolved so much in the last decade or so that it has quickly become one of the strongest positions from the bottom.

Guys like Lucas Leite and Bernardo Faria have won multiple WORLD titles playing a half-guard based game. Even in MMA the half-guard position is highly successful, look at Demian Maia for example... What makes the half-guard so effective is its ENDLESS possibilities.

It's a very dynamic guard. You can sweep, submit, take the back, transition to closed guard, transition to its many variations like z-guard, knee shield, lockdown, deep half, half-butterfly, reverse de la riva, and so on...

So the question is... how do you STOP the half-guard? As you can imagine, there is no silver bullet. Proper body positioning should kill about 60-70% of the whole Half-Guard game. But you still gotta have answers for everything they throw at you. You gotta know how to pass its many variations in case they get in there.

So I called my longtime friend Leonardo "Cascao" Saggioro (2017 IBJJF Worlds silver medalist) to help me build my new online course, called Smashing The Half-Guard. Cascao is regarded as one of the best featherweight competitors of his generation, and is widely known for his SMASHING pass style. He will be teaching the Gi based techniques that made him one of the best in the world, and I'm going to unveil my No-Gi system that helped me win the No-Gi Masters Worlds 3 times.

I will be narrating his technique series, since he speaks little english... hope you guys don't mind... straight from the jungle stuff

Techniques Included:

  1. Intro
  2. Identifying Points Of Control
  3. Understanding Head Positioning And Underhooks
  4. Establishing The Arm Weave
  5. Arm Weave Counters
  6. Z-Guard Cross Body Pass
  7. Cross Body Pass Into Mount
  8. Z-Guard Drawer Pass
  9. Drawer Pass Into Mount & Windshield Choke
  10. Straight Armbar & Rolling Kimura Back Take
  11. Z-Guard Shin Slide Pass
  12. Shin Slide Variation
  13. Z-Guard Double Leg Pass
  14. Knee Shield Windshield Wiper Pass
  15. Windshield Wiper Into Ashi Garami Position
  16. Knee Shield Near Side Underhook Pass
  17. Near Side Underhook Pass Variation
  18. Xande Ribeiro Standing Pass
  19. Standing Pass Into X-Pass
  20. Standing Pass Into Leg Smash Pass
  21. Early Defense To Underhook
  22. Late Defense To Underhook
  23. Backstepping Into Reverse Half-Guard
  24. Rolling Back Take From Reverse Half-Guard
  25. Reverse Half-Guard Into Tripod Pass
  26. Backstepping Into Honey Hole
  27. Deep Half-Guard Into Reverse Half-Guard
  28. No-Gi Lockdown Pass
  29. Knee Shield Pummel Pass
  30. Z-Guard Standing Pass
  31. Finishing With Shoulder Pressure
  32. Z-Guard Standing Pass Variation
  33. Z- Guard Reverse De La Riva Pass
  34. Z- Guard Reverse De La Riva Pass Variation
  35. Half-Butterfly Guard Pass
  36. Half-Butterfly Guard Pass Variation
  37. Beating The Collar & Sleeve Control
  38. Countering The Underhook
  39. Deep Half-Guard Pass Into Back Choke
  40. Deep Half-Guard Pass Into Mount
  41. Gi Lockdown Pass

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