Romulo Barral's Spider Guard Secrets Vol. 3 [On Demand]

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Romulo Barral's Spider Guard Secrets Vol. 3 [On Demand]
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The Spider Guard that brings nightmares is now on Digitsu! Legendary BJJ practitioner Romulo Barral walks you through his open guard system!

Section 6: Double Under Guard – Now your opponent has managed to get you into a double under position. He thinks he has you beat for the pass. Just wait. Frustrate your opponents with impassable double under defense, or surprise them with sweeps, armlocks, and sneaky triangles.

Section 7: Double Grip Lasso Leg Guard – In our final spider guard series, you have your opponent totally locked down with double sleeve grips and the lasso leg. Now be relentless with your attacks. Finish him off with more sweeps and submissions, and make your opponent regret the day he ever played with your deadly spider guard game.

Techniques Included:

  1. Double Under Defense
  2. Double Under Legs Pinned Defense
  3. Double Under Triangle
  4. Double Under Arm Bar
  5. Double Under No Arm Triangle
  6. Double Under Palm Triangle
  7. Double Under Butterfly Trap Sweep
  8. Double Sleeve Straight Jacket Sweep
  9. Double Sleeve Triple Attack
  10. Double Sleeve Flip Over
  11. Double Sleeve Posture Sweep
  12. Double Sleeve Omoplata
  13. Double Sleeve Flip Sweep Arm Bar
  14. Double Sleeve Back Take Arm Bar
  15. Double Sleeve Berimbolo
  16. Double Sleeve Berimbolo Back Take

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