Romulo Barral's Spider Guard Secrets Vol. 2 [On Demand]

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Romulo Barral's Spider Guard Secrets Vol. 2 [On Demand]
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The Spider Guard that brings nightmares is now on Digitsu! Legendary BJJ practitioner Romulo Barral walks you through his open guard system!

Section 3: Collar Control Guard – Collar control adds another dimension to your spider guard positional domination. Your opponent is not going to like this. Use your collar grip to pull unsuspecting opponents into triangles, armlocks, omoplatas, and footlocks.

Section 4: X-Guard – Now you have your opponents running scared. They have tasted your spider guard and they just don’t want to engage. Here comes the X-guard. Romulo shows how to use your hips to bring your opponents to you, secure the X-guard position, and start attacking for sweeps and submissions. Don’t let your opponents disengage – force them to play your game.

Section 5: De La Riva Guard – So your opponent wants to be aggressive – he grips up and tries to pass your guard. No worries. Romulo shows how to use De La Riva guard to keep your opponents totally uncomfortable with sweeps and submissions. You can even turn that sweep into a takedown and show your opponents what it really means to be aggressive.

Techniques Included:

  1. Collar Control Triangle
  2. Collar Control Omoplata
  3. Collar Control Arm Bar Sweep
  4. Collar Control Foot Kick Triangle
  5. Collar Control Foot Lock
  6. Collar Control De La Riva Sweep
  7. X-Guard Step Through Sweep
  8. X-Guard Wheel Barrel Sweep
  9. X-Guard Foot Lock
  10. X-Guard Double Pant Leg Sweep
  11. X-Guard Sideways Sweep
  12. Sideways Sweep Variation #2
  13. X-Guard Back Take
  14. Collar Control De La Riva Sweep
  15. De La Riva Skull Cracker Sweep
  16. De La Riva Skull Cracker Pass Defense
  17. De La Riva Skull Cracker To Take Down
  18. De La Riva Figure Four Defense
  19. De La Riva Single Leg Variation
  20. De La Riva Sit Up Single
  21. Break Dance Sweep
  22. Break Dance Foot Lock
  23. Break Dance Knee Bar
  24. Break Dance Knee Bar Sweep

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