Romulo Barral's Spider Guard Secrets Vol. 1 [On Demand]

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Romulo Barral's Spider Guard Secrets Vol. 1 [On Demand]
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The Spider Guard that brings nightmares is now on Digitsu! Legendary BJJ practitioner Romulo Barral walks you through his open guard system!

Section 1: Double Sleeve Control Spider – Start setting your traps here. Grab two sleeves, pull your opponent into your spider guard, and go to work. Romulo shows you a variety of options from this basic position – sweeps, triangles, armlocks, omoplatas, and footlocks.

Section 2: Single Grip Lasso Leg Guard – Now it’s time to break your opponent’s grip and use your lasso leg to dominate positions. Here Romulo shows lasso leg sweeps landing you in mount and side control, and he even provides you with drills to hone your skills and keep your spider guard sharp

Techniques Included:

  1. Intro
  2. Sweep Both Knees Down
  3. Deep Base
  4. Triangle Choke
  5. Arm Bar
  6. Knee Up Omoplata
  7. Knee Up Sweep
  8. Knee Up Sweep Variation
  9. Knee Up Sweep Omoplata
  10. Knee Up Foot Lock
  11. Half Pass Sweep
  12. Knee On Belly Sweep
  13. Knee On Belly Foot Lock
  14. Lasso Leg Sweep
  15. Lasso Leg Sweep Mount
  16. Lasso Leg Sweep Omoplata
  17. Lasso Leg Knee Up Sweep
  18. Lasso Leg Sweep Side Control
  19. Lasso Leg Knee In Sweep
  20. Lasso Leg Flip Sweep
  21. Lasso Leg Side Control Sweep
  22. Spider Guard Drill #1
  23. Spider Guard Drill #2

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