Romulo Barral's Knee Slice Guard Passing [On Demand]

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Romulo Barral's Knee Slice Guard Passing [On Demand]
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9x IBJJF world champion Romulo Barral has created a career for himself as one the most dominate fighters and sought-after instructors in modern Jiu Jitsu. In this instructional, Romulo focuses his attention on his famous Knee Slide pass! He makes it look so easy, but there are a lot of technical details to goes into this "hot knife through butter" guard pass. Don’t miss out!

Techniques Included:

  1. Knee Slice Pass
  2. Knee Slice With Underhook
  3. Knee Slice With Shin On Chest
  4. Knee Slice Cross Choke From Half Guard
  5. Knee Slice Break The Hips
  6. Knee Slice From Deep Half Attempt
  7. Knee Slice From Spider Guard
  8. Knee Slice From Leg Lasso
  9. Knee Slice From De La Riva
  10. Knee Slice From Sitting Guard
  11. Knee Slice Pass Deep Half With Choke Finish
  12. Knee Slice Pass Deep Half Choke Variation
  13. Knee Slice Pass Ezekiel Choke

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