Reverse De la Riva Guard Kristian Woodmansee [On Demand]

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Reverse De la Riva Guard Kristian Woodmansee [On Demand]
Format: Digitsu On Demand
Languages: English
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This instructional is the perfect follow up to Kristian Woodmansee's successful "AP De la Riva Guard".

This set is hours full of instruction on one of Jiu-Jitsu’s most recently innovated positions, Reverse De la Riva Guard. Kristian has been fortunate enough to fine tune these techniques as a member of World Champion Team, ATOS.

Just like Kristian's first instructional on De la Riva Guard, you will learn how to use the Reverse DLR offensively, to sweep and submit your opponents and training partners alike.

You will also learn how to defend against and pass the Reverse De La Riva Guard.

Techniques Included:

  1. Intro
  2. Side To Side Drill
  3. Kick Sweep
  4. Kick Sweep to Single Leg
  5. Kick Sweep to Reverse Kick
  6. Kick Sweep to Collar Drag
  7. Lasso Sweep
  8. Lasso Sweep to Omoplata
  9. Kiss The Dragon Calf-Slicer
  10. Kiss of The Dragon Back Take 1
  11. Kiss of The Dragon Back Take 2
  12. Kiss of The Dragon to X Guard
  13. Pass 1 Double Lapel Pass
  14. Pass 2 Shin Cut X Pass
  15. Pass 3 Shin Cut X Pass to top spin
  16. Pass 3 Shin Cut X Pass Crucifix
  17. Pass 4 Split Double Shin
  18. Pass 5 Punch Flop
  19. Pass 6 Spine Grip Top Spin
  20. Pass 7 Spine Grip Flop Crucifix
  21. Pass 8 Knee shield Fake Switch Sides
  22. Pass 9 Collar Pants Punch Leg Drag
  23. Estima Lock
  24. Reverse Toehold
  25. Reverse Toehold To Leg Drag

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