Progressive Jiu Jitsu [On Demand]

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Progressive Jiu Jitsu [On Demand]
Format: Digitsu On Demand
Languages: English
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Oliver Geddes and Nic Gregoriades, both black belts under Roger Gracie, team up to bring you Progressive Jiu Jitsu-a new collection of sweeps, submissions, guard passes and more-guaranteed to bring your jiu jitsu to the next level.

These are the techniques Nic and Oli use every day on the mat-in training, teaching, and competition-so you can be 100% sure they will work for you too.

Techniques Included:

  1. How To Deal With Z And 93 Guard
  2. Grip Strip Armlock - Open Guard
  3. Hip Scoop - Technical Mount Escape
  4. The Ninja Hip Movement - Guard Pass
  5. Knee Bar - Open Guard
  6. Modified Fireman's Carry - Takedown
  7. Collar Grip Into 2in 2 - Foot Sweep
  8. Double Bow And Arrow - Back Mount
  9. Ezekiel Choke Variation - Back Mount
  10. Bootlace - Guard Pass
  11. Straight Footlock Setup - Guard Pass
  12. Collar Drag Backtake - Open Guard
  13. Over Under Pass Counter - Roger Gracie Sweep
  14. Americana North South
  15. S-Grip Arm Triangle - From Mount
  16. Ezekiel Choke - Arm Triangle Setup
  17. Bow And Arrow - Re-Roll
  18. Head Down Underhook - Half Guard Pass
  19. Counter To Knee Block - Half Guard Pass
  20. Kimura - M. Gomes Side Control
  21. Paper Cutter Choke - M. Gomes Side Control
  22. Handstand Omoplata - Closed Guard Sweep
  23. OverHook Armbar Triangle - Full Mount
  24. Sweep To Footlock - Shin to Shin Guard
  25. Head Scissors - Half Guard Pass Kimura

Nic and Oli have put their hearts and souls into this product, and they're certain it will upgrade your jiu jitsu in a major way.

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