Prison Escapes - Leg Lock Escapes and Counters [On Demand]

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Prison Escapes - Leg Lock Escapes and Counters [On Demand]
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After illegal Leg Locks, regarded as one of the best no-gi leg lock series, BJJ BB Roli Delgado and Sambo Master Vlad Koulikov are back to show you how to escape and counter various leg locks they showed in their previous instructional. Their concise, to-the-point and effective teaching styles result in quickly learning the key elements from each situation. No long drawn out explanations that leave you confused on the mechanics or strategies. Level up your game today!

Techniques Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Preemptive Defense Against Ankle Grab
  3. Blocking The Reaping Leg
  4. Attacking The Reaping Leg - Cork Screw
  5. Attacking The Reaping Leg - Utah
  6. Attacking SLX Guard - Z Lock
  7. Spinning Heel Hook Escape
  8. Back Step Heel Hook Escape
  9. Knee Bar Escape
  10. Retaining Leg Control Against Back Step And Cross Face
  11. Toe Hold Defense
  12. Defending Inverted Heel Hook
  13. Escaping The Leg Ride (Truck Position)
  14. Defending Banana Split
  15. Countering The Viktor Roll
  16. Beating The Arm Bar With A Knee Bar
  17. Beating Sean Robert's Calf Slicer With Heel Hook
  18. Beating Single Leg Take Down With An Ankle Lock
  19. Beating Single Leg Take Down With Rolling Knee Bar
  20. Beating Single Leg Take Down With Knee Bar On Far Leg
  21. Running The Pipe To Shut Down Counters
  22. Beating Shin On Shin Guard
  23. Disengaging From SLX Guard

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