No Kurtka Sambo Volume 1&2 - Reilly Bodycomb [On Demand]

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No Kurtka Sambo Volume 1&2 - Reilly Bodycomb [On Demand]
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In the first volume of this two part set, Reilly Bodycomb goes over his approach to implementing takedowns, throws, and dynamic submissions in a no-gi grappling environment.

Technique List:

  1. Foot Hook Ankle Pick
  2. Ankle Pick To Tripod Ankle Lock
  3. Foot Hook To Top Rock
  4. Kick Up To Ankle Pick
  5. Foot Hook Sweep
  6. Ankle Pick Vs Underhook
  7. Nearside Foot Hook Sweep
  8. Takedown To Sub Competition Footage
  9. Fireman's Carry vs Underhook
  10. Triangle Choke Vs Underhook
  11. Hip Throw Vs Underhook
  12. Sliding Heelhook
  13. Flying Scissor
  14. Victor Roll 'rolling Kneebar'
  15. Victor Roll Variations
  16. Dynamic Sub Competition Footage
  17. Flying Triangle
  18. Flying Triangle To Armbar
  19. Back Arch
  20. Single Leg To Back Arch
  21. Yadviga
  22. Blast Double
  23. Arm Drag To Blast Double
  24. Arm Drag To Sliding Heelhook

In the second volume of this two part set Reilly Bodycomb shows an intricate and concise details on applying and defending leg locks from the ground as well as armbar grip breaks and takedown counters.

Technique List:

  1. Leg Control
  2. Leg Control Ankle Lock
  3. Tripod Ankle Lock
  4. Outside Heel Hook
  5. Toe Hold
  6. Inverted Heelhook
  7. Kneebar
  8. Heel Hook From Half Butterfly
  9. Ankle Lock From Half Butterfly
  10. Leg Locking Through Compression
  11. Leglocks Against A Standing Opponent
  12. Ankle Lock Defense
  13. Ankle Lock Counters
  14. Outside Heel Hook Defense
  15. Inverted Heelhook Defense
  16. Sakuraba Roll
  17. Victor Roll Vs Bodylock
  18. Victor Roll From The Knees
  19. Heel Hook Vs Single Leg
  20. Scissor Vs Single Leg
  21. Guillotine Vs High-c
  22. Arm Bar Grip Break - Elbow Grab
  23. Elbow Crush
  24. Motorcycle Kick Armbar
  25. Motorcycle Kick Armbar From Top
  26. Magic Missile

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