No Gi Essentials By Roy Dean [On Demand]

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Submission grappling, or no gi jiu jitsu, is a timeless expression of the art.

In this stunning 2 hour High Definition video, Roy Dean explains the techniques and strategies that make all the difference for beginning and intermediate players.

12 private lessons are featured, plus live rolling footage and analysis. This is a large instructional, designed for multiple viewings.

Chapters Include:

  1. Welcome
  2. Essential Movements
  3. Essential Grips
  4. Takedowns
  5. Armdrag
  6. Kimura
  7. Guillotine
  8. Guard Options
  9. Mount Options
  10. Sidemount Escapes
  11. Opening the Guard
  12. Leglock Techniques
  13. Leg Combinations
  14. Rolling Analysis

Average rating: (4.17 out of 5)

5 of 5 Stars! by slideyfoot on 06/13/2019
Cool, didn't realise this was on Digitsu now, one of my favourites. I'll copy the review I did of his DVD version (I assume the Digitsu one is the same layout): With this set, Roy Dean fills a gaping hole in the instructional market: the no-gi beginner. Dean lays out the basic principles of nogi with his trademark smooth production, clear explanations and cerebral approach. 'Essential Movements' and 'Essential Grips' provides the new student with the understanding they need to confidently take off the gi. After each demonstration of technique, Roy Dean shows the practical application through sparring footage. Even better, he also includes further examples of rolling, with an in-depth commentary. The set then progresses to more advanced jiu jitsu, where Dean shifts from running through a syllabus to effectively presenting private lessons. He combines techniques, resolves 'what if' scenarios and presents multiple alternatives. That means the material on this set will grow with you, remaining relevant throughout your training. The more you improve, the more you'll get out of No Gi Essentials. It is quite possibly Roy Dean's best to date, an impressive achievement considering the high standard he has set in the past.