Nic Gregoriades - Master Academy 2018 Seminars [On Demand]

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Nic Gregoriades - Master Academy 2018 Seminars [On Demand]
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3rd Degree Roger Gracie black belt, Nic Gregoriades has spent 20 years studying and teaching the art of Jiu Jitsu. He has traveled the world and learned from the best to bring you the very highest quality Jiu Jitsu instruction available. In this series Prof Gregoriades, embarks on a seminar tour of the continental US, where he teaches some of his best techniques and concepts to a live audience.

Ybor City Jiu Jitsu:

  1. Foot Activation and Pocket Pressure
  2. Building Pocket Pressure with Stability Ball and Hip Rewind Drill
  3. Knee Slice to Pocket Pressure Tip
  4. Omoplata Counter to Back Take
  5. Applying Pressure from Top Turtle
  6. Concepts and Details Review

Custom Jits:

  1. Basic Jiu Jitsu Joint Mobility Warmup
  2. Passing Half Guard by Changing Pelvic Tilt
  3. Passing Loose Knee Shield with X Pass
  4. Passing Tight Knee Shield
  5. Passing Tight Knee Shield 2

Foundations Jiu Jitsu:

  1. The Science of 6 Hands
  2. Spinal Angles
  3. The Law of Recruitment
  4. Defeating Armbar Defense
  5. The Emperor Escape
  6. Armbar Escape Chain Drill and the Hip Step Mount

Black Flag Jiu Jitsu:

  1. Spinal Flexion Extension Warmup
  2. Sasae Tsurikomi Ashi from Over Under
  3. Hail Mary Americana from Bottom Side
  4. Hail Mary Sweep and Armlock from Bottom Side
  5. Hail Mary Ankle Lock from Back
  6. Hail Mary Armbar Escape to Kneebar
  7. Concepts and Details Review

First State BJJ:

  1. G Whip
  2. Back Take Fake to Choke
  3. Center and Application Points
  4. Helicopter Choke
  5. Concepts and Details Review
  6. Q&A

Coachella Valley BJJ:

  1. Full Coachella Valley BJJ Seminar


  1. Snatch Single Entry
  2. Snatch Single Controlling the Leg
  3. Snatch Single Finish
  4. Weight Distribution in Side Mount
  5. Center and Application Points
  6. Stack Over Application Points
  7. Thrusting Choke Intro
  8. Thrusting Choke

Subconscious BJJ:

  1. Breaking Posture in Closed Guard
  2. Lapel Attacks from Closed Guard
  3. Lapel Attacks from Closed Guard 2
  4. Scissor Sweep and Triangle
  5. Head Control when Adjusting the Triangle
  6. Acroyoga Plank
  7. Acroyoga Plank Details
  8. Acroyoga Reverse Plank
  9. Seminar Review

Grappler's Retreat:

  1. Breaking the Collar Tie
  2. Takedown from 2 on 1 Control
  3. Passing from Straight Ankle Control
  4. North South Double Wrist Control
  5. Barataplata from North South
  6. Sequence Review

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