New Integrated App Will Knock Your Gi Top Off!

Published on by Charlie

Digitsu Is Now In App Store

In the new age of having everything available on your mobile device with a single log-in, why shouldn’t your favorite Jiu Jitsu instructionals do that same… gone are the days where you have multiple apps that are over 400mb taking up space on your phone and are not compatible with current technology.

We are proud to introduce a brand new integrated app that only takes up 13mb of space on your mobile device.

Yes, that’s small, but this tiny app can do herculean feats!

So what can this Tyrion Lannister of apps do? With this app, you can download and stream your whole Digitsu On-Demand library at no additional cost to your original purchase.

YES, you read correctly… no additional cost to your original purchase! “How is that” you ask!?

We created a fully integrated app that recognizes your recognizes your account based on you login name. Here is how it works…

You are able to instantly stream your library in HD quality on both the website and app. The app will allow you to download your library so that you can watch the instructional without internet access.

As of this writing, the app is only available on iOS devices and you cannot purchase directly from the app. If you are familiar with Amazon Instant Video or Audible, you should be a pro right away.

We hope you enjoy this new technological improvement to BJJ media and please leave a review in the app store.