Mastering the Guillotine by Joseph Capizzi DVD

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Mastering the Guillotine by Joseph Capizzi DVD
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Mastering the Guillotine is a brand new series by Renzo Gracie Black Belt Joseph Capizzi. Along with Black Belt Anthony "Buck" Buckwitz, these two will teach you the hidden secrets and details for developing a strong guillotine game. Learn how to escape, attack and counter submit when you're being guillotined.

These concepts and attacks have been tested and proven at BJJ World Championships in both gi and no gi events in the adult black belt division.

18 techniques of Guillotine science:

  1. Anatomy of the guillotine
  2. Calibrating the attack
  3. Arm drag to the arm in guillotine
  4. Arm drag to the mounted guillotine
  5. Rafa gator roll
  6. Half guard smash guillotine
  7. Rafa roll
  8. Squatting guillotine
  9. The peruvian neck tie
  10. Step and slide
  11. Left hand path
  12. From the crucifix to the guillotine
  13. North South Guillotine
  14. Countering the single leg
  15. Solving the arm in guillotine
  16. JDL analysis and discussion
  17. JDL from within the closed guard
  18. JDL from cross body

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