Mastering Ankle Locks - Reilly Bodycomb [On Demand]

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Mastering Ankle Locks - Reilly Bodycomb [On Demand]
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A comprehensive method to learning tournament ready ankle locks from Pan-Am SAMBO champion and BJJ black belt​ Reilly Bodycomb, complete with his own competition examples and many more from other team Rdojo members.

Technique List:

  1. Ways To Stand
  2. Outside Low Side
  3. Low Side To Tripod
  4. Compression to Top Rock
  5. Tripod
  6. Tripod To Low Side
  7. Outside Hide Side
  8. High Side To Tripod
  9. High Side To Low Side
  10. Extend To Reap
  11. Sweep Options
  12. Switch Scissor
  13. Inside
  14. Inside Low Side Options
  15. Ankle Lock Races
  16. Attacking The Turtle
  17. Defending
  18. Escaping

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