Marcello Monteiro My Favorite Chokes [On Demand]

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Marcello Monteiro My Favorite Chokes [On Demand]
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Languages: English
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Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blackbelt Marcello C. Monteiro's favorite choke attacks from all positions, set-ups for chokes and the details to get the finalizations. These are simple yet effective attacks broken down so that you can understand and work the correct details to make them more efficient.

Marcello demonstrates these techniques in the clear, logical manner that he is known for as an instructor.

Techniques Included:

  1. Back choke grabbing the opponents pants and passing your leg behing his head
  2. Back choke passing calf over the opponents arm countering his defense
  3. Clock choke to back choke
  4. Half guard control to pushing the knee sweep with triangle
  5. Juca choke on the mount grabbing the cloth on the opponents shoulder
  6. Loop choke with cross collar control position grabbing the knee
  7. Vinicinho loop choke
  8. Mount control position to triangle
  9. North South scissor choke
  10. Uncle Ron north south choke
  11. Pit Bull super choke from uncle ron set up
  12. Scissor choke from knee on the stomach
  13. Ze Galo Choke
  14. Ze Galo choke applying the shin against the face
  15. Choke attack from the knee on the stomach
  16. Knee on the stomach to Monteirao spinning backwards to triangle attack
  17. Ezequiel choke from half guard

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