Lucas Lepri Sit-up Guard Part Two [On Demand]

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Lucas Lepri Sit-up Guard Part Two [On Demand]
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Lucas Lepri solidified this legendary status at the 2016 IBJJF World Championship by showing the Jiu Jitsu community that he is not just a guard passer -- HE IS THE COMPLETE JIU JITSU ATHLETE. In his fourth series, Lucas walks you through his competition proven sit-up guard system for all different scenarios. If you are a fan of great solid jiu jitsu, you don't want to be without this position!

Techniques Included

  1. Sit-up Sweep
  2. Sit-up To Back Take
  3. Sit-up Leg Drag Counter Against Back Step
  4. Pants Grip: Standup Sweep
  5. Pants Grip: Standup Sweep 2
  6. Pants Grip: Roll Sweep
  7. De La Riva Lift To X-Guard Sweep
  8. De La Riva Lift To X-Guard Knee Bar
  9. De La Riva Extension: Sweep
  10. De La Riva Extension: Sweep 2
  11. De La Riva X-Guard Sweep Against Pass
  12. De La Riva X-Guard Overhead Sweep Against Pass
  13. Posture Counter: Single Leg
  14. Posture Counter: Single Leg 2
  15. Posture Counter: Reverse Extension Sweep

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