Lucas Lepri No-Gi Master Series Part One [On Demand]

25 ratings

Lucas Lepri No-Gi Master Series Part One [On Demand]
Format: Digitsu On Demand
Languages: English
Length: Approx 90 Minutes
Streaming Format: 270p, 480p, 720p
Download Format: 270p, 480p, 720p


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STEP UP YOUR GAME LIKE NEVER BEFORE! Learn the techniques that made Lucas Lepri a multiple time no-gi world champion and one of the most feared competitors in the light weight division.

This Alliance Superstar teaches you his best "go-to" moves from almost every position. Sweeping... submitting... passing, it's all covered here in this highly anticipated no-gi instructional series. NOTHING IS HELD BACK! Lucas Lepri lets you in on his secrets and the special details that makes these moves intrinsically his own. All expert instruction includes multiple angles and slow motion replays... you will not miss a single detail. ADVANCE YOUR GAME TODAY!

"Lucas Lepri is one of the most dynamic and creative competitors in action today his techniques are smooth and easy to learn I strongly recommend his Instructionals to anyone interested in learning the real jiu jitsu." - Master Romero "Jacare" Cavalcanti

"Alliance Jiu Jitsu has proven undeniably that our training system produces the best athletes of our art. Competitors with totally different styles train under the same philosophy, Jiu Jitsu complete and forward. One the finest examples is Lucas Lepri, who possibly has the most complete and universal technique within our team and is for sure one of my favorites!" - Fabio Gurgel

"Talk about Lucas is always a pleasure for me. I have never seen an athlete with so many skills like him. When I see Lucas competing is like an eye drops for my eyes. He is one of the most complete athlete that I have had the opportunity to train. " - Rubens "Cobrinha" Charles Maciel

Techniques Included:

  • Back Escape Counter
  • Seatbelt Control To Arm Triangle
  • Back Control Triple Attack
  • Attacking The Turtle To The Mata Leon
  • Attacking The Turtle To Arm Triangle
  • Butterfly Guard To The Back
  • Butterfly Guard To X-guard Sweep
  • Butterfly Guard To X-guard Sweep #2
  • Butterfly Guard To X-guard Sweep #3
  • Underhook De La Riva To X-guard Sweep
  • De La Riva Guard Side Roll Sweep
  • De La Riva Guard Side Roll Sweep To Berimbolo
  • De La Riva Guard Pass To North South Choke
  • De La Riva Guard Side Smash Pass

Average rating: (4.44 out of 5)