Leg Drag Workshop by Tim Sledd [On Demand]

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Leg Drag Workshop by Tim Sledd [On Demand]
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One of the newest positions in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioners toolbox is the LEG-DRAG. Few competitors understand this position as well as the Members of Team Atos. In this instructional see both Theory and Technique taught by Atos Black Belt, Tim Sledd.

Professor Sledd is the Head Instructor and Owner of "Small Axe BJJ" and has the distinct honor of being Andre Galvao's 1st Affiliate Academy and 2nd American Black Belt. He has logged many hours with the World Champions of Team Atos, drilling and refining the Leg-Drag position.

Indiana University Workshop:

  1. Introduction
  2. Intro to Positions
  3. Concepts
  4. Crossside to Leg Drag
  5. Close Guard pass
  6. Half Guard
  7. Butterfly Guard Pass
  8. Skip Knee to Mount
  9. Passing Spider Guard
  10. Closing

Ground Zero Workshop:

  1. Basic Leg Drag Position
  2. Mendes Position
  3. Reverse Position
  4. Attack From Side Control
  5. Back Take
  6. Closed Guard Pass
  7. Half Guard Pass
  8. Butterfly Guard Pass
  9. Skip Knee To Mount
  10. Spider Guard Pass
  11. Questions
  12. Drills
  13. Closing

Bonus Material:

  1. Basic Take Down
  2. Leg Drag From Rear Mount
  3. DLR
  4. DLR Sweep to Berimbolo 1
  5. DLR Sweep to Berimbolo 2
  6. Mount to Leg Drag
  7. Outro

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