Kristina Barlaan Cross Guard & Windshield Wiper [On Demand]

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Kristina Barlaan Cross Guard & Windshield Wiper [On Demand]
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Female black belt light-feather weight sensation and Ciao Terra prodigy, Kristina Barlaan lit up her division like a rocket in the sky! In her first year as a black belt, she took 2nd in both the Pans and IBJJF World Championships.

DIGITSU is proud to present her first ever instructional series. In these lessons, Kristina walks you through two of her most successful positions --- Windshield Wiper and Cross Guard. These two positions are a perfect complement to each other. Both aggressive and submission oriented. Add these techniques to your game today!

Techniques Included:

Windshield Wiper

  1. Kimura / Arm Lock / Americana
  2. Kimura / Arm Lock
  3. Baseball Bat Choke
  4. Ezekiel Choke
  5. Triangle Choke
  6. Bread Cutter Choke
  7. Donkey Choke
  8. Inverted Arm Lock / Omoplata
  9. Knee On Belly Choke

Cross Guard

  1. Arm Bar
  2. Arm Bar 2
  3. Triangle
  4. Omoplata
  5. Omoplata Sweep
  6. Position 2
  7. Push Sweep
  8. Ankle Pick
  9. Inverted Sweep

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