Kristian Woodmansee - Favorite Things [On Demand]

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Kristian Woodmansee - Favorite Things [On Demand]
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Take your BJJ from DULL to DYNAMIC!

Although "HEAVYWEIGHT" gets a lot of clout, it's commonly believed that the smaller weight classes are often the most technical and exciting. Kristian Woodmansee is a small Roosterweight, competing against the fastest & most technical competitors on the planet.

Kristian has sat down and put some of his favorite BJJ Techniques on video for you!

Other than a small amount of crossover with his previous sets (AP De la Riva Guard, Reverse De la Riva Guard, & 50/50), you aren’t likely to see any of these techniques anywhere else.

This is not a "compilation". It is a completely new set filmed step by step!

This outstanding set contains over 50 techniques, to add to your arsenal! If you don’t have any other material from Kristian Woodmansee, this is a great look into his style of Jiu-Jitsu. You'll see what makes Kristian one of the most sought after instructors today and you’ll want to pick up his other sets.

  1. Intro
  2. Passing Intro
  3. Shin Cut Pass
  4. Reverse Leg Drag to Side Control
  5. Reverse DLR Pass to backtake
  6. RDLR Tripod Post
  7. Bull Fighter Switch
  8. Double Under Crucifix
  9. Double Under 2 on 1 Lapel
  10. Double Over Crucifix
  11. Lasso Knee Cut
  12. Sweeps and Backtakes Intro
  13. 50 50 Standing Backtake
  14. KTD X Guard Sweep To Back
  15. KTD Calf Slice Backtake
  16. Deep Lasso Collar Drag
  17. Deep Lasso to KOB leg drag
  18. Worm Sit Down
  19. Worm Flip
  20. Intro to Guard Pulls
  21. Same Side Collar Sleeve
  22. Same Side Collar tricep
  23. Collar Sit Foot On Hip
  24. Arm Drag RDLR
  25. Intro to takedowns
  26. Swing Single
  27. Armdrag to Single
  28. Russian To Single
  29. Fake Guard Pull Ankle Pick
  30. Single to Double
  31. Single to bodylock
  32. intro to submissions
  33. 50 50 Kneebar
  34. RDLR Estima Lock
  35. DLR Footlock
  36. Side Control Triangle
  37. Tarikoplata
  38. Underhook Loop Choke
  39. Belly Down Short Choke
  40. Armless Triangle
  41. Flash Armbar
  42. DLR Omoplata
  43. DLR Lasso Footlock
  44. RDLR Sit to Omoplata
  45. Omoplata Guillotine
  46. Omoplata Roll To Omoplata
  47. Intro To Drills
  48. KOB Switch
  49. Legdrag Pummel
  50. Turtle Crucifix
  51. Collar Drag Single Leg
  52. Breakdown To Outside
  53. Lasso Retention
  54. Arm Trap Back System To Crucifix
  55. Outro

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