Jason Rau: Dynamic No-Gi Passing And Attacking [Blu-Ray]

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Jason Rau: Dynamic No-Gi Passing And Attacking [Blu-Ray]
Format: Blu-ray
Languages: English
Length: Approx 215 Minutes
Region: All Region Blu-ray
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Guard passing is not just about holding position and scoring the 3 points; passing guard gives you the opportunity to transition to another position in order to secure the submission. With his dynamic style, Serra BJJ black belt Jason Rau has proven he is one of the most exciting young grapplers in no-gi Jiu-Jitsu time and time again. In this instructional video, Jason Rau teaches you a very specific step-by-step strategy which takes you from guard passing to effortlessly securing a submission. Pass that guard! Secure that submission!

Moves List:

  1. Introduction
  2. Setting Up The Knee Cut
  3. Knee Cut Pass
  4. Fighting The Frame | Darce Choke
  5. Fighting The Frame | Triangle
  6. Fighting The Frame | Kimura Trap Back Take
  7. Fighting The Frame | Saddle Position
  8. Back Step Saddle
  9. Transitional Triangle
  10. Rolling Anaconda
  11. Rolling Anaconda | Back Take
  12. Reverse Top - Side Saddle
  13. Opposite Side Knee Cut
  14. Setting Up The Pummel Pass
  15. Pummel Pass | Saddle Position
  16. Pummel Pass | Twister Hook Back Take
  17. Pummel Pass | Back Take
  18. Pummel Pass | Kimura Trap Back Take
  19. Pummel Pass | Knee Hike
  20. Pummel Pass | Knee Cut Transition
  21. Smash Pass | Iron Maiden Back Control
  22. Smash Pass | Twister Hook Back Take
  23. Top Side Saddle | Inside Heel Hook
  24. Top Side Saddle | Back Take
  25. Top Side Saddle | Submission/Passing Options
  26. Top Side Saddle | Rolling Inside Heel Hook
  27. Single Leg X To Top Saddle
  28. X Guard To Top Saddle
  29. Out-Side Ashi Garami To Twister Hook
  30. Out-Side Ashi Garami To Back Triangle
  31. Ashi Garami To Twister Hook Back Take
  32. Inverted Saddle To Back Take
  33. DLR | Forward - Back Step Position
  34. DLR | Duck Under Attacking Options
  35. Trouble Shooting | The Heel Hook
  36. Trouble Shooting | The RNC
  37. Trouble Shooting | The Kimura Trap
  38. Trouble Shooting | Rolling Anaconda
  39. Technique Drills

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