Isolate to Dominate - Nelson Puentes [On Demand]

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Isolate to Dominate - Nelson Puentes [On Demand]
Format: Digitsu On Demand
Languages: English
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As the founding panda of Inverted Gear, Nelson Puentes has had the opportunity to travel the world to train grappling. His style, while rooted in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, gladly incorporates influences from wrestling, judo, and sambo. In this multimedia-rich, in-depth online instructional, Nelson explores his favorite grappling concepts and discusses how philosophies and ideas from beyond jiu-jitsu have made him a better grappler. Though this instructional covers a range of positions, from takedowns to half guard, Nelson weaves key themes throughout his instruction so that even seemingly different positions connect and relate.

Techniques Included:

Take Downs

  1. O uchi gari
  2. Sumi Gaeshi
  3. Russian Sumi Gae
  4. Outside Lapel
  5. Morote Seoi Nage
  6. Russian Tie to Single
  7. Outside Finish into Leg Drag
  8. Barzegar
  9. Modified Back Arch
  10. Modified Pick-Up
  11. Back Trip
  12. Rolling Back Take from Bodylock
  13. Double Leg Finish
  14. Blast Double
  15. Drag to Bodylock
  16. Drag to Single
  17. Cross Pick
  18. Double Leg from Front Headlock
  19. Spon Behind

Guard Passing

  1. The Folding Pass
  2. The Folding Pass - 2
  3. Versus Butterfly
  4. Versus Spider
  5. Versus De le Riva
  6. Versus Knee Shield
  7. Back Step Finish
  8. Knee Cut Finish
  9. Mount Finish
  10. Leg Entangle
  11. Turtle
  12. Half Butterfly/Regain Hooks

Closed Guard

  1. Basic Armbar Details
  2. Flower Sweep with the Pants
  3. Two-On-One Back Take
  4. Two-On-One Back Sweep
  5. Handstand Sweep without Sleeve
  6. Handstand Sweep with Sleeve
  7. Omoplata Sweep
  8. Alternate Omoplata Sweep
  9. Alternate Omoplata Sweep - 2


  1. Open Guard Entry
  2. De la Riva Entry
  3. Dummy Sweep
  4. Coming Up Into Single
  5. Arm Feed
  6. Arm Feed into Back Take
  7. Super Drag
  8. Spin Under Sweep
  9. Achieving Anklelock Guard
  10. Proper Positioning
  11. Simple Bump Sweep
  12. Switch to X-Giard
  13. X-Guard Roll Option
  14. Belly-Down Anklelock Finish

Half Guard

  1. Basic Half Butterfly Sweep
  2. lternate Half Butterfly Sweep
  3. Poing to X-Guard
  4. Post Counter
  5. ppponent Sits Back
  6. Reverse Half Back Take
  7. lternate Reverse Half Back Take
  8. Shoulder of Justice Counter
  9. Shoulder of Justice Single Leg

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