Paul Schreiner: Game Changer [On Demand]

Paul Schreiner: Game Changer [On Demand]


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Date Added: 01/14/2019 by ivanovich
Outstanding instructional from a superb teacher. I hope he makes more in the future, like a conceptual guard passing DVD, or escapes DVD, i.e. the escapes he mentions that he won't show due to time.

Date Added: 01/13/2019 by gregor
This has to be the best instructional for beginners of all time. Paul's close attention to detail is unmatched by any instructor I have ever had.

Date Added: 01/01/2019 by
Paul is an excellent teacher. He is the best teacher I've ever had out of any discipline. Although this DVD is focused more towards beginners, Paul has so much insight that would benefit anyone at any level. I found myself rewinding so many times just to digest the depth that I was given. I have never met any instructor that has is so well spoken. On top of that, this is what an expert should be. Paul is the archetype of an expert, not just BJJ, but how to be an expert in your craft. Hands down a role model.