Eddie Cummings - Ashi Garami Seminar [On Demand]

Eddie Cummings - Ashi Garami Seminar [On Demand]


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Date Added: 07/06/2019 by jcplenty
Solid technical descriptions with a high level of detail, thorough explanation of contingencies and variables; please keep these videos coming, Eddie (pun intended.)

Date Added: 12/17/2018 by jproy418
Really good and really well explained. Perfect introduction. Looking foward for volume 2.

Date Added: 09/03/2018 by guybutterworth
Excellent level of detail for someone who's fairly new to the heelhook; lots of carefully-explained fine points, but with no waffle. I've watched this twice already, and with some instructional content I find it hard to get all the way through even once.

Date Added: 09/01/2018 by dj127a
The best 20 bucks you will ever spend in jiujitsu. Extremely detailed yet concise and easy to remember, also this material doesn't just repeat other leg instructional's it stands on it own. Don't pass this up!

Date Added: 07/24/2018 by JPJiuJitsu
You won't find a more detailed instructional on Eddie's game anywhere! This is truly one of a kind! Literally! Because this is the first and only instructional video he has ever done! Don't be left behind and pick up this video today!

Date Added: 07/23/2018 by FelipeGrez
A highly comprehensive look at the mechanics of the heel hook and how Eddie makes it work against his opponents best defendes. As a first degree black belt myself and with twenty years in BJJ, this one of the best instructionals I have ever seen and not just on the heel hook! Eddie Cummings is a phenomenal teacher!