Jon Satava: Foundation X [On Demand]

Jon Satava: Foundation X [On Demand]


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Date Added: 11/10/2017 by JPJiuJitsu
Great info on the X Guard. Great details as well. Yes, most of the technique shown are techniques most advanced player will know, however, there are massive amounts of details in the videos that anyone could use and implement immediately! Details that most instructors will miss when teaching anything from the X Guard. Those nuggets of gold make this instructional video more than worth it! As the saying goes, the devil is in the details!

Date Added: 10/08/2017 by
didnt like it, dont get me wrong the techniques are great i just knew them already, nothing new really, the same x guard sweeps we all know, i lost 20 bucks, i recommend it if your academy doesnt teach x guard or if your are a white or blubelt.

Date Added: 08/29/2017 by Mat33
This is a really great series that explains the X-guard very well. I hope that Jon comes out with more instructionals in the future!

Date Added: 08/15/2017 by FrancescoSoCal
Just spent the night watching, this is a great course direct from an x guard specialist. Tecniques proven in competitions, well explained and rich in details. What else?