Fluid BJJ by Karel Pravec [On Demand]

Fluid BJJ by Karel Pravec [On Demand]


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Date Added: 09/11/2019 by adolfo
Probably the best value vs content available on Digitsu as of this post. Karel is a fantastic teacher of BJJ, the content and unique detail is very applicable, to be honest, I initially thought the water training looked like a waste of time but I began trying it out and it actually has improved my movement and overall game. I hope he releases more content soon as I would absolutely be a return customer.

Date Added: 11/17/2017 by Toondog
Karel Pravec shares some great fluid routes to get the move he is showcasing. The followups to guillotine and Anaconda are awesome! He also shares some key concepts with the shoulder pressure, windshield wiper and Underhook to stress the importance of fundamentals. This is a great addition to the library and plenty material to study for the novice or competitor.

Date Added: 10/23/2016 by
This book has added to my progression as a BJJ student. There was a time as a blue belt where I felt that I stalled a bit. I was hard to submit, but at the same time, I wasn't getting submissions. When I was in a position to submit, I would sometimes try to force the action, ultimately wasting the opportunity. This book was such a help in chaining attacks and keeping efficient transitions. I still use it as a reference. Every few months I come back and choose a set that I would like to mix into my game. My submissions have increased dramitically!