The Gianni Grippo DVD Collection

The Gianni Grippo DVD Collection Includes:

Gianni Grippo All About The Bolo 2 DVD Set (Regular Price: $69.99)

American BJJ sensation Gianni Grippo is back with another installment of his De La Riva guard! This time he is strictly focusing on his ultra-successful Berimbolo game. This instructional will build you from the ground up, starting with simple inversion drills to super effective back take methods --- nothing is held back. Don’t be left behind, join the Berimbolo revolution!

Gianni Grippo Single Leg X-Guard DVD (Regular Price: $39.99)

Gianni Grippo's pursuit of perfection continues with the next evolution of his guard. Under the watchful eye of Jiu-Jitsu legend Marcelo Garcia, Gianni added another facet to his already tremendously aggressive open guard game. In this instructional, this young Jiu-Jitsu prodigy walks you through his favorite methods and strategies from the Single Leg X Guard and traditional X-Guard. As always Gianni sheds new light on a timeless position.

Gianni Grippo Dynamic Leg Drags and Drills DVD (Regular Price: $39.99)

Gianni Grippo is back to reveal his approach to the modern guard passing game - THE LEG DRAG! During this 90 minute instructional, Gianni expertly explains concepts, techniques, and drills that helped him perfect his leg drag style of guard passing.

Gianni Grippo NeXT GeN De La Riva Guard DVD (Regular Price: $39.99)

Gianni Grippo's pursuit of perfection serves as the catalyst that will help transform the Jiu Jitsu scene for generations to come. In his first feature length instructional, this extraordinary athlete and 4x IBJJF World Champion walks you through his favorite attacks from the De La Riva Guard. You'll receive over 85 minutes of expert instruction and tips to help improve your De La Riva game from beginning-to-end... you will not miss a single detail.

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