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Nicholle Stoller Training since: January 27, 2012 Gym: Nashville Mixed Martial Arts Coach/Team: Shawn Hammonds/Lloyd Irvin Rank: Blue Belt Competition Accolades: Ranked #1 in the World in IBJJF weight class Silver Medalist at European Championships Silver Medalist at Pan American Championships Double Gold Medalist at Atlanta International Open 2nd place overall team as a solo

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UGHHH! Cutting Weight
Published on by Nicholle Stoller
Photo courtesy of John Cooper

When I announced my intentions to compete for the first time, I was asked the big question of which weight class I would be entering. Honestly, I looked down on the whole process of cutting weight as a stupid, unnecessary thing. I remember making an inward vow that I would never drop weight for a competition. Logically, I would feel best at whatever my normal walking weight is right?


Photo Credit: Jeff Chu @jeffreyschu

I believe that every person at the gym is important and has something to teach and learn. When I see certain people, I know I can expect a certain type of roll from them. Instead of trying to fit them into my style, I try to adjust my focus so that the match will be beneficial for the both of us. These are a few of the types of people I get to spar with on a regular basis.


Photos: Nicholle Stoller and Mike Calimbas

Competition can be quite expensive. First you need to make sure you have a properly fitted Gi that isn't falling apart, then you have to pay to register for the event (usually ballpark of $100), then you worry about how to get from your home town to wherever the event is being held, then you need a place to sleep while you are there, local transportation, etc. It definitely adds up!