Illegal Leg Locks Part Two [On Demand]

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Illegal Leg Locks Part Two [On Demand]
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Following the critically acclaimed "Legal Leg Locks for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu" series, Roli Delgado is back and this time with Sambo Master Vlad Koulikov to explore the intricacies and leg lock strategies employed in the professional grappling scene. Both of these world class instructors will clarify topics such as heel hooks, knee bars, leg reaping.. everything "Illegal" in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu tournaments.

This instructional will build you from the ground up by providing fundamental leg attacks and defenses. For the more advanced players, this instructional will expound on concepts, strategies, and combinations that will help you maximize your submission rate. If you want to be a well rounded grappler with Dynamic finishing abilities, this is the instructional for you

Techniques Included:

  1. Inverted counter
  2. inverted counter to leg attack
  3. Reap prevention butterfly passing position gfteam style
  4. Back step counter to undertook knee bar
  5. Heel lift counter counter lever power
  6. Inverted heel hook finishing counter
  7. Defending heel hooks
  8. Defending tradirtional leg lock
  9. Lins lock counter
  10. 1 leg x guard defense
  11. Leg switch counter
  12. Toe hold knee bar combination
  13. Pinning position
  14. Defense to offense
  15. Leg drag gi vs no gi for heel hook
  16. Joe baize leg lock
  17. Double leg trap
  18. Twist on 1 leg x sweep attack

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