Greg Melita - Outside Lapel Guard [On Demand]

12 ratings

Greg Melita - Outside Lapel Guard [On Demand]
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Greg Melita is one of the only few American Black Belts from the founder of Kyoto Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Grand Master Francisco Mansur. As the head instructor of Hamptons Jiu Jitsu in Southhampton, NY, Greg Melita created an innovative system that uses his opponent's lapel in a unique fashion.

Techniques Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Lapel Sit Up - Sweep
  3. Lapel Sit Up - Side Smash Pass
  4. Lapel Sit Up - Calf Slicer
  5. Lapel Sit Up - "De La Riva Killer"
  6. Outside Lapel - Knee Bar
  7. Lapel Sit Up - Stack Pass
  8. Stack Pass - Lapel Choke
  9. Stack Pass - Kyotobolo
  10. Outside Lapel - Kyotobolo
  11. Side Smash Back Take

Average rating: (4.08 out of 5)

2 of 5 Stars! by scott051304 on 10/09/2018
Only one sweep. Not much of a guard system as advertised. However, there are some creative passes and finishes which incorporate the lapel grip. This instructional is better with no sound.
5 of 5 Stars! by JPJiuJitsu on 01/30/2018
Greg is a good friend of mine and a very knowledgeable black belt. His lapel work on this DVD is a great addition to anyone's lapel game!