Gianni Grippo Leg Drag and Single Leg X Photos

Published on by Charlie

The follow up to Gianni Grippo's Next Gen DLR instructional is finally here! Check out some of these artistic scenes from the filming of these revolutionary instructionals. If you are a fan of the modern game, these are the perfect additions to your library.


Leg Drag: In this 90 minute instructional, Gianni expertly explains concepts, techniques and drills that helped him perfect his leg drag style of guard passing. Each pass he shows shuts down your opponent's hip movement rendering them helpless to your pass attempt. If you are a fan of the leg drag or want to expand your passing arsenal, this is the perfect instructional series for you!

Single Leg X: Gianni Grippo's pursuit for perfection continues with the next evolution of his guard. Under the watchful eye of Jiu Jitsu legend Marcelo Garcia, Gianni added another facet to his already tremendously aggressive open guard game. In this instructional, this young Jiu Jitsu prodigy walks you through his favorite methods and strategies from the Single Leg X Guard and traditional X-Guard. As always Gianni sheds new light to a timeless position. If you are a student of the modern game, you don't want to miss this instructional.