Gianni Grippo All About The Bolo 2 DVD Set

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Gianni Grippo All About The Bolo 2 DVD Set
Format: DVD NTSC
Languages: English
Length: Approx 120 Minutes
Region: All region DVD
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The Berimbolo Revolution!

American BJJ sensation Gianni Grippo is back with another installment of his De La Riva guard! This time he is strictly focusing on his ultra-successful Berimbolo game. This instructional will build you from the ground up, starting with simple inversion drills to super effective backtake methods --- nothing is held back. Don’t be left behind, join the Berimbolo revolution!

Techniques Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Solo Drills
  3. Grips and De La Riva Structure
  4. Knock Down
  5. Knock Down 2
  6. Knock Down 3
  7. Knock Down 4
  8. Basic Berimbolo
  9. Basic Berimbolo Leg Drag
  10. Twister Hook
  11. Twister Hook 2
  12. Twister Hook - Leg Clamp
  13. Leg Clamp Back Take
  14. Calf Slicer
  15. Twister Hook 3
  16. Blue Belt Bolo
  17. Crab Ride To Twister Hook
  18. Crab Ride Counter
  19. Crab Ride Pit Stop
  20. Crab Ride Twister Hook
  21. Crab Ride Leg Drag
  22. Crab Ride Switch Drag
  23. Grip Break Counter
  24. Closed Guard Bolo
  25. Winning Double Guard Pull
  26. Countering Back Step Pass
  27. Vs Running Opponent
  28. Roll Through Twister Hook
  29. Vs Posting Opponent
  30. Single Leg Option
  31. Vs. Single Leg X

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5 of 5 Stars! by gu1000 on 07/02/2018
I just purchased it with the full price yesterday and today I received an email for 20% off lol