Footlock Mastery by Oliver Geddes [On Demand]

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Footlock Mastery by Oliver Geddes [On Demand]
Format: Digitsu On Demand
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This is the result of several months of hard work, and many many hours of teaching this material in seminars throughout the world. The aim of this instructional is to give the viewer a complete game built around the footlock or straight ankle lock, a submission that is incredibly versatile and also legal at all levels of competition.

Techniques Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Ankle Lock As Position
  3. Importance Of The Shell
  4. Ankle Lock Finshing Theory
  5. Ankle Lock Turning To The Knees Finish
  6. Turning To The Knees to Top Position
  7. Ankle Lock To Crossover To Leg Drag
  8. Advantages Of the Straight Ankle Lock
  9. Outside Hook Ankle Lock Theory And Basic Finish
  10. Outside Hook Ankle Lock Turning To The Knees
  11. 50/50 Theory And Use
  12. Breaking The Defensive 50/50 - Knee Push
  13. 50/50 Basic Ankle Lock Finish
  14. 50/50 Calf Crush
  15. 50/50 Reverse Grip Finish
  16. 50/50 Outside Leg Finish
  17. Standing Ankle Lock Control Theory
  18. Standing Ankle Lock Cross Sweep
  19. Standing Ankle Lock Double Ankle Sweep
  20. Standing Outside Hook Tripod Sweep
  21. Standing Outside Hook Overhead Sweep
  22. Overhook X Guard - Transition Theory
  23. Overhook X Guard - Angle Change To Ankle Lock Topple
  24. Overhook X Guard - Tripod Sweep
  25. Overhook X Guard - Waiter Sweep
  26. Overhook X Guard - Getting The Near Sleeve
  27. Overhook X Guard - Near Sleeve Single Leg Stand Up
  28. Overhook X Guard - Near Sleeve Overhead Sweep
  29. Overhook X Guard - Far Sleeve Drag Down Sweep
  30. Entering The Footlock From The Knees
  31. Entering The Footlock From Shin To Shin Guard
  32. Entering The Footlock From Half-Guard / 93 Guard
  33. Entering The Footlock From Spider Guard
  34. Entering The FootLock Leandro Lo Sweep From Spider Guard
  35. Entering The FootLock Basic Entry From Top
  36. Ankle Lock Defence - Moving To Top Position
  37. Ankle Lock Defence - The Scoot
  38. Standing Ankle Lock Defence - Back Step To Side
  39. Credits

Average rating: (4.08 out of 5)

5 of 5 Stars! by anonymous on 02/01/2017
Professor Oli Geddes has given a good template for anybody to begin incorporating footlocks to their repertoire. For the seasoned bjj player, there are smaller details that one can do to firm up their techniques as well. Oli has reaffirmed himself as an 'OG' of the halfguard and footlock subgames of bjj.
5 of 5 Stars! by anonymous on 11/18/2016
Oli Geddes excellent first solo effort in the realms of instructionals comes to the premier BJJ instructional platform I don't think I have to introduce Oli Geddes to the people that frequent Digitsu so I start with the technical details of “Footlock Mastery”. First, the camerawork is, with a few minor exceptions, excellent. There are now fancy camera tricks nor are there any slow motion repetitions (I don’t really care for them, but if you like them, be advised). The for a lack of better term costume department also did a great job. BJJ is sometimes hard to follow visually, so every little detail helps, especially in leglock situations. While other instructionals in that category usually show a lot of hairy man leg, Oli and his uke wear different colored gis, which makes it super easy to spot whose leg is whose. On to general infos about the product. “Footlock Mastery” runs for roughly 67 minutes and it’s chock full of techniques. There are the following overarching topics. General positioning and finishing Footlock from 50/50 Standing Ankle lock (aka Single leg X-guard) Sweeps Overhook X Guard Entering the Footlock from Top Position Defense To every topic there are the techniques you can see on the Digitsu page. I won’t go into detail about them, but Olis finishing technique helped me out immensely. Before, I would use the technique of other, well known footlockers but couldn’t quite make it work for me. In combination with Oli’s finishing method, I get the tap most of the time I secure the footlock. While "Footlock Mastery" is on the market since 06. Juli of this year, the Digitsu Version adds value to it by letting you replay single techniques more easily, since Oli goes through the move once, twice tops, which was my main gripe with the initial release. Now that this is addressed, I can only give it 5 stars. P.S. If this sounds like promo material, that’s on me and not the fault of the product. ;-)
5 of 5 Stars! by jeffroberts on 11/17/2016
Great techniques with detailed explanations and some of the best production I have seen in a jiu jitsu instructional. Lots of footlocks options, applicable for both gi and no gi. Great explanations on finishing the footlock and a variety of setups. And it's all ibjjf legal. Awesome instructional