Fluid BJJ by Karel Pravec [On Demand]

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Fluid BJJ by Karel Pravec [On Demand]
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Renowned instructor and Renzo Gracie Black Belt, Karel "Silver Fox" Pravec presents a unique submission focused approach to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu geared towards the less athletically gifted practitioner.

As the video complement to his book Fluid BJJ - Scrawny "Middle Aged" Guy's Guide To Getting Submissions Karel helps you navigate through some of the highest percentage/most common submissions and follow ups in both gi and no-gi Jiu Jitsu. Every technique and drill in this series is applicable to all skill levels, sizes and ages.

"One must never be entirely comfortable at what he has achieved. This is the truth behind every great Jiu-Jitsu teacher... Karel Pravec is always improving his game and his knowledge of the art... He knows that to do otherwise is to settle. I salute you my fellow Black Belt. Excellence among us, it's a must... Our students deserve the best of us. Thank you for belonging to our tribe.

Fernando Pessoa, a great Brazilian writer once said ... 'The value of things is not the time they last, but the intensity with which they occur. That is why there are unforgettable moments and unique people!'

Karel Pravec is among those unique people; lucky are those who learn under his tutelage."

Master Renzo Gracie ‐ 6th degree BJJ Black Belt, MMA Pioneer, 2x ADCC World Champion & Grandson of BJJ Founder

"Karel is one of my favourite training partners. The insights in his book are excellent to learn many techniques for advanced martial artists."

Georges St. Pierre ‐ 12 time UFC World Champion, one of the greatest MMA fighters of all time & BJJ Black Belt

"I've been training with Fox since I was a Blue Belt. His Jiu-Jitsu is pure efficiency and has been an instrumental part of the Tristar Gym curriculum. In his book, he not only teaches a variety of powerful techniques, but he also includes pool workouts/techniques. The pool workouts, in my opinion, hit three birds with one stone. 1st it's therapeutic, 2nd it increases your fitness level, and 3rd it makes your technique instinctual. Drilling is the key to success, but comes at a price: it taxes the body. Fox has found a brilliant solution."

Firas Zahabi ‐ Renowned MMA Coach & BJJ Black Belt

"Back in the early 1990s, Karel was one of my first training partners in the early days of the Renzo Gracie Academy. We came up the ranks together and now that we are both long time Black Belts, I frequently ask him to visit my school to teach the professional class. I cannot say enough good things about his technique and teaching methods. I highly recommend the book!"

Matt Serra ‐ Former UFC World Champion, Decorated BJJ Black Belt & Renowned MMA Coach


Chapter 1 – Guillotine & Follow-ups
  • Guillotine Application – Offensive (Standing)
  • Guillotine Application – Offensive (Open Guard)
  • Guillotine Application – Opponent Turtles
  • Guillotine Application – Details
  • Guillotine Follow–ups – Anaconda
  • Anaconda Squeeze Detail
  • Guillotine Fail to One Handed Choke
  • One Handed Choke Detail
  • Anaconda Fail to Re–Guillotine
  • Anaconda to Mounted Guillotine
  • Guillotine Reinforcement – Closed Fist Choke
Chapter 2 – Omoplata & Follow-ups
  • Omoplata – Start with Short Armlock
  • Omoplata to Inverted Armlock
  • Omoplata
  • Omoplata Follow–up – Back Take & RNC
  • Omoplata Follow–up – Arm Triangle
  • Omoplata Follow–up – Mangledome
  • Omoplata Enhancement – Modified Toe Hold
  • Omoplata Follow–up – Bicep Slicer
  • Omoplata Follow–up – Sweep
Chapter 3 – Bolt Cutter Grips/Ude Gatame Attacks & Follow Ups
  • Ude Gatame/Upside Down Armlock
  • Upside Down Armlock Follow–up – Triangle
  • Upside Down Armlock Follow–up – Inverted Triangle
  • Upside Down Armlock Follow–up – Rolling Armlock
  • Upside Down Armlock Follow up - Guillotine/Reversal

Chapter 4 – Bottom of Cross Side Attacks

  • Bottom of Cross Side Armlock
  • Bottom of Cross Side – Inverted Triangle
  • Inverted Triangle Attacks - Kimura / Keylock / Toe Hold / Sweep
  • Bottom of Cross Side – Leg Keylock
  • Bottom of Knee on Belly – Kneebar
Chapter 5 – Patterns/Commonalities Across Techniques
  • Windshield–Wiper Scenarios
  • Shoulder Rolled Forward Scenarios
  • Underhook Scenarios
BONUS: Chapter 6 – Solo Water Training
  • Leg Trip
  • Seoi Otoshi
  • Head Snap to Guillotine
  • Arm Drag to Guillotine
  • Armlock Drill
  • Jumping Armlock from Top of Cross Side
  • Top of Cross Side Armlock (Far Side)
  • Triangle Drills
  • Knee Cut Guard Pass
  • Over/Under Guard Pass
  • Windshield Wiper Movement
  • Triangle to Omoplata
  • Omoplata to Arm Triangle
  • Omoplata to Inverted Armlock
  • Hip Heist to Triangle
  • Hip Heist to Guillotine
  • Guillotine to Single Hand Guillotine
  • Guillotine to Anaconda
  • Guillotine to Anaconda to Mounted Guillotine
  • Knee Cut Guard Pass to Guillotine
  • Knee Cut Guard Pass to Kimura
  • Knee Cut Guard Pass to Knee Bar
  • Turtle Step Back to Back Take
  • Ashi Garami Sweep & Get Up
  • Strip off Ashi Garami to Rolling Omoplata
  • Armlock to Omoplata to Rear Naked Choke

Average rating: (4.37 out of 5)

5 of 5 Stars! by adolfo on 09/11/2019
Probably the best value vs content available on Digitsu as of this post. Karel is a fantastic teacher of BJJ, the content and unique detail is very applicable, to be honest, I initially thought the water training looked like a waste of time but I began trying it out and it actually has improved my movement and overall game. I hope he releases more content soon as I would absolutely be a return customer.
5 of 5 Stars! by Toondog on 11/17/2017
Karel Pravec shares some great fluid routes to get the move he is showcasing. The followups to guillotine and Anaconda are awesome! He also shares some key concepts with the shoulder pressure, windshield wiper and Underhook to stress the importance of fundamentals. This is a great addition to the library and plenty material to study for the novice or competitor.
5 of 5 Stars! by anonymous on 10/23/2016
This book has added to my progression as a BJJ student. There was a time as a blue belt where I felt that I stalled a bit. I was hard to submit, but at the same time, I wasn't getting submissions. When I was in a position to submit, I would sometimes try to force the action, ultimately wasting the opportunity. This book was such a help in chaining attacks and keeping efficient transitions. I still use it as a reference. Every few months I come back and choose a set that I would like to mix into my game. My submissions have increased dramitically!