Felipe Cesar Silva - Knee Slice Killer [On Demand]

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Felipe Cesar Silva - Knee Slice Killer [On Demand]
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Felipe Cesar Silva is one of the most exciting young stars in the middleweight division. He is widely known among the small circle of elite competitors as having the most dangerous inverted guard in the sport. Of course his inverted guard his good… he is one of the Miyao brother’s main training partners at Unity BJJ in New York.

In this mini-course, professor Silva takes you through some of his most effective ways to stop the knee slice pass by using the inside De la Riva hook.

If your open guard is repeatedly getting passed over-and-over again, you need to check this instructional out.

  1. Introduction
  2. Backtake
  3. Single Leg Reversal
  4. Spinning Reversal
  5. Backwards Roll
  6. Tornado Sweep
  7. Push Back Sweep
  8. Vs Posted Leg
  9. Vs Heavy Base
  10. Knee Bar Roll
  11. Lapel Sweep
  12. Active Entrance
  13. Active DLR Entrance
  14. Solo Drill

Available in Portuguese

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