Erin Herle - Flamingo Knee Slice and Spider Trap [On Demand]

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Erin Herle - Flamingo Knee Slice and Spider Trap [On Demand]
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Erin Herle is a Marcelo Garcia/Ruben Charles Cobrinha brown belt and the head of #SubmitTheStigma. She has traveled the world living the Jiu Jitsu life as a former writer of Gracie Mag, Digitsu and FloGrappling. This TeamDigitsu member has learned a lot from her journey. In her first instructional, Erin walks you through her favorite and most successful competition techniques – Knee Slicing passing and the Spider Guard. Check some of these unique methods from one the best female brown belts in the world.

Techniques Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Knee Slice Concepts
  3. Back That Thang Up
  4. Controlling the Underhook
  5. Flamingo Dive To Angry Bird
  6. Flamingo To Angry Bird Back Take
  7. Vs. Knee Shield
  8. Back Step To Knee Slice
  9. Back Step To Monoplata
  10. Homie Clap Arm bar
  11. Homie To Triangle
  12. Wrist Lock
  13. Spider Guard Fundamentals
  14. Spider Guard Overhead Sweep
  15. Ankle Pick to Arm Bar
  16. Ankle Pick to Back Take
  17. Ankle Pick to Arm Bar 2
  18. Arm Bar Vs Throw By Pass
  19. Shin To Shin Sweep
  20. X-Guard Back Roll
  21. Kneebar
  22. Armbar
  23. Bonus Bloopers

Average rating: (4.23 out of 5)

5 of 5 Stars! by JPJiuJitsu on 11/26/2018
I love the knee slice! Probably one of, if not my favorite way to pass. This instructional gave me some great ideas and options to add to my passing game. I hope Erin puts out another instructional. I thoroughly enjoyed this video.