Edwin Najmi Back Takes and More Back Takes DVD

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Edwin Najmi Back Takes and More Back Takes DVD
Format: DVD NTSC
Languages: English
Region: All region DVD
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One of the most exciting lightweights is back for more! Following up on his hugely successful "Triangles and More Triangles" instructional, Edwin Najmi returns to show you how to take the back like a BOSS. Edwin masterfully walks you through his favorite setups and strategies for passing, taking the back and submitting your opponent. This instructional will help you build your own game plan, because every back take sequence that he teaches can be combined with every passing option that he shows!

Techniques Included:

  1. Introduction
  2. Back Take: Seatbelt Position
  3. Back Take: The Truck Position
  4. Back Take: Going With The Side Roll
  5. Back Take: Traditional Falling Method
  6. Back Take: The Truck From Side Control
  7. Back Take: The Truck Off Toreando
  8. Submission: Lapel Bow & Arrow
  9. Submission: Lapel Triangle
  10. Submission: Lapel Bow & Arrow 2
  11. Submission: Inverted Triangle
  12. Control: Countering The Escape
  13. Control: Throw By To Truck
  14. Pass: Najmi Stomp To Truck
  15. Pass: Najmi Stomp To Truck 2
  16. Pass: Double Knee Slide
  17. Pass: Deep Half To Bow and Arrow
  18. Pass: Deep Half To Inverted Triangle
  19. Pass: Long-Step To Truck
  20. Pass: Knee-Over Truck
  21. Pass: Knee-Over, Smash, Truck
  22. Pass: Jump Over To Truck

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