Eddie Cummings - Ashi Garami Seminar [On Demand]

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Eddie Cummings - Ashi Garami Seminar [On Demand]
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Languages: English
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The Wolverine is finally here! Eddie Cummings and Digitsu came together to film an extremely candid and eye-opening seminar focusing on the mechanics of the Ashi Garami - Leg Entanglement System. The objective of this seminar is to provide the students an immediately usable understanding of both the submission side and the escaping side of the Ashi Garami. Eddie's breakdowns are extremely detailed and methodical. If you are looking to get a deeper understanding of the Ashi Garami - Leg Entanglement System, this is the place for you.


  • Outside Heel Slip
  • Outside Heel Slip | Detail #1
  • Outside Heel Slip | Detail #2
  • Outside Heel Slip | Fighting For The Rotation
  • Outside Heel Slip | Summary
  • Outside Heel Hook
  • Outside Heel Hook | Pinky Toe Tendon Detail
  • Outside Heel Hook | Maintaining The Knee Line
  • Outside Heel Hook | Summary
  • Inside Heel Hook Slip
  • Inside Heel Hook Slip | Versus Outside Heel Slip
  • Inside Heel Hook Slip | Pointing The Toes To Alleviate Pressure
  • Inside Heel Hook Slip | Summary
  • Inside Heel Hook Finish
  • Inside Heel Hook Finish | Relative Knee Position
  • Inside Heel Hook Finish | Summary
  • Countering Outside Ashi W/ Grip Break
  • Countering Outside Ashi W/ Grip Break | Legs Are Squeezed Tightly
  • Countering Outside Ashi W/ Grip Break | Toe Direction And Follow Up
  • Countering Outside Ashi W/ Grip Break | Summary
  • Smashed Outside Ashi Heel Hook
  • Smashed Outside Ashi Heel Hook | Mindful Of Leg Pummeling
  • Smashed Outside Ashi Heel Hook | Leg Positioning
  • C-Post Switch Drill
  • Escaping Inside Sankaku
  • Laces Inside Heel Hook
  • Laces Inside Heel Hook | Feet Getting Stuck
  • Laces Inside Heel Hook | Optimal Bend In Leg
  • Closing Statements

Average rating: (4.66 out of 5)

5 of 5 Stars! by Bkambull on 03/20/2020
Excellent instruction and a great price! I’m absolutely loving this training DVD. Well done Eddie Cummings and Digistu.
4 of 5 Stars! by anonymous on 11/07/2019
I had zero idea of heel hooks before this digital tutorial. I don't do them too much but I am less fearful of them now after this. I liked how Eddie explains the fundamental details that goes into a heel hook, and not so much hip force or ripping arm torque is required,but proper wedges and force applied to the knee that makes it work, also where the toe of the feet is placed too. What's great is also the defence, taking the immediate dangers, and working your way out of it eg. clearing the knee, hand fighting etc. There's also a nice drill from certain positions like 50/50 (outside Ashi), standard ashi, and the saddle. I would of liked a little bit more explanations on how to get yourself into these positions, for example, it took me a while to realise that the single guard X is just a ashi gatami from bottom. Eddie's game has great entries, and set ups. I would of liked to explore that further eg. butterfly setup, half guard etc. But for this price, it's worth it, this was shot as a seminar, which was good because there were some troubleshooting involved with some novice, and the audio was pretty clear. Have a good one.
5 of 5 Stars! by jcplenty on 07/06/2019
Solid technical descriptions with a high level of detail, thorough explanation of contingencies and variables; please keep these videos coming, Eddie (pun intended.)
5 of 5 Stars! by jproy418 on 12/17/2018
Really good and really well explained. Perfect introduction. Looking foward for volume 2.
5 of 5 Stars! by guybutterworth on 09/03/2018
Excellent level of detail for someone who's fairly new to the heelhook; lots of carefully-explained fine points, but with no waffle. I've watched this twice already, and with some instructional content I find it hard to get all the way through even once.
5 of 5 Stars! by dj127a on 09/01/2018
The best 20 bucks you will ever spend in jiujitsu. Extremely detailed yet concise and easy to remember, also this material doesn't just repeat other leg instructional's it stands on it own. Don't pass this up!